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NEF launches awards to kick start 25-year celebrations

27 February 2014 / by National Energy Foundation (author) / Milton Keynes
 (photo: National Energy Foundation (NEF))
/ (photo: National Energy Foundation (NEF))

Awards will involve collaboration between the National Energy Foundation (NEF) and the Academy of Champions for Energy (Ace).

The National Energy Foundation begins the celebration of its 25th anniversary with the launch of a number of awards. The aim is to reward and recognise individuals, organisations, initiatives and projects for delivering sustainable energy at a local level and, as a result, bringing both social and environmental benefits.


There are four categories of award:

1.       Community Based Renewable Energy Project

2.       Climate Neutral Village

3.       Best Energy Smart Initiative by a Local Authority - Energy Smart Cities

4.       Energy Champion Landlord


Further details and application forms are available on the National Energy Foundation website and the closing date is Friday 25 April.


For awards 1-3, the Foundation is working in partnership with Ace (Academy of Champions for Energy). Ace is funded by the INTERREG IVB NWE programme and is currently running in Ireland, Southern England, France, Belgium and Holland. It aims to promote renewable energy and energy transition, and hopes to achieve this through the development of a transnational academy, bringing together public and private agencies to champion sustainable energy.


The winners in each category will be exemplary projects and the winners of awards 1-3 will be invited to join Ace and become Ace energy champions. Similar awards are being presented in other regions of Europe and the UK. Winners from across the country will qualify to enter the high-profile European Academy Awards, where the jury will be made up of representatives from each of the partner countries, and the finale will take place in one of the partner EU countries.


Award 4 is a special National Energy Foundation award open to landlords of domestic or non-domestic properties from across the UK, and seeks to recognise landlords who help their tenants save, manage and generate energy.


Winning one of these four awards is a great way to promote a project or scheme. The winners in all four categories will receive a trophy and five days of FREE National Energy Foundation support.


Kerry Mashford, Chief Executive at the National Energy Foundation, commented:  “we’re delighted to be launching these awards as part of our 25th anniversary celebrations. Improving the use of energy in buildings is the National Energy Foundation’s principle objective and we work on a daily basis to achieve this aim and maximise impact in this area. It’s a great pleasure to recognise projects that make a significant local contribution and reward those groups and individuals that have had the inspiration and energy to implement them”.



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National Energy Foundation

The National Energy Foundation is an independent charity that has been at the forefront of improving the use of energy in buildings since 1988. We aim to give people, organisations and government the knowledge, support and inspiration they need to understand and improve the use of energy in buildings. We do this through providing practical experience and technical expertise, gained from a broad range of real-life challenges; developing insights into closing the gap between expected and actual energy performance; connecting stakeholders and creating forums to drive forward the frontiers of good practice; conceiving, establishing and mainstreaming capacity-building initiatives; and helping people and organisations to succeed through the provision of impartial, comprehensive advice. Everything we do, we do to achieve this aim.

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