RE 60 crimp action (photo: Bas Brodie)
RE 60 crimp action
06.02.2015, 21:09


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New electrical tool designed to reduce the number of tools electrical contractors have to carry around.

Ask any electrical contractor, even the most efficient ones, how many times they have been in the middle of a job only to find that the one tool they need just at that moment is the one that has been left in the van. You may just be surprised at how often this situation occurs. Well now there is no need for this to happen anymore!

After undertaking significant research amongst electrical engineers and other potential end users in the field RIDGID ( has developed the new RE 60 Electrical Tool. It offers a 3-in-1 solution for cutting wires, crimping lugs and punching electrical boxes all with a single tool:

The RE 60 is a hand held, battery operated tool that is designed to give electrical contractors quick and easy access to tools for wire cutting and crimping of lugs as well as punching holes, as and when required using one piece of equipment without the need to do anything more than change the tool head. The RE 60 offers three tools in one unit. Furthermore, the RE 60 unit offers a 60 kN hydraulic force output to achieve these cutting, crimping and punching capabilities.

In terms of the tooling, the SC-60B Scissor Cutter Head allows operators to cut various types of armoured aluminium or copper cable without having to switch heads or buy a wide variety of tools. It features interchangeable blades for cutting armoured copper wire, aluminium building wire or fine stranded copper wire of up to 50 mm O.D.

The LR-60B Latching Round Head enables cable lugs to be crimped to cable of up to 300 mm². The slim design and ergonomic latching system also allow it to be used for work in tighter, hard to access spaces.

The PH-60B Hole Punching Head has the capacity to punch round holes of up to 63.5 mm O.D. in 3 mm thick mild steel. It is also compatible with punch dies from RIDGID and other manufacturers.

The interchangeable heads use the unique, patent-pending RIDGID QuickChange System to simplify and speed the tool head change-over process. The system incorporates a moveable collar that allows the operator to quickly and easily switch between the three interchangeable heads.



According to Enver Celik, Product Manager at RIDGID: “The RE 60 is going to be a real game changer for electrical contractors around the world who are continually looking to save time and money as well as reduce the number of tools they have to carry around. Industry feedback made it obvious to us that what was needed was a piece of equipment that could cut armoured cables, crimp lugs and punch access holes with a single tool. We responded to this need and it is all now possible with the new RE 60. Currently we know of nothing else like it on the market.”

As well as the more obvious feature of time saving, equipment transport and handling the RE 60 also offers a design that makes it very easy to use one handed. There is also an integrated diagnostics set up, LED indicators and automatic ram retraction to give contractors the reassurance and performance confidence that comes with a design based on feedback from the industry itself.

The new RE 60 design also minimizes time and effort on the part of the operator. Compared with manual or ratcheting cutting tools that are more traditionally used by contractors that often take excessive amounts of time and energy from the operator to prepare, the RE 60 takes a matter of seconds to set up and use.

Furthermore, as compared with other systems on the market that require calibrating around every 10,000 cycles, the RE 60 service interval is 32,000 cycles. In other words, the unit can be used for at least three times longer than existing equipment before needing calibration.

This can also mean major money savings for the end user. Some electro-hydraulic cutting tools are very expensive, sometimes prohibitively so. With the QuickChange System, contractors are getting three different tools for the price of one. For convenience, the RE 60 has three heads and 13 crimping dies and punching accessories all of which fit into one handy, easily transported case.

Finally, commenting on feedback from users that have field tested the RE 60 Enver Celik said: “Users field testing the RE 60 have indicated that the unit more than matches the performance of individual tools. They also like the slim design and easy latching system of the RE 60 Crimp Head, as it makes it easy to access cables and crimp the lugs in confined spaces. The open design of the Cutting Head also gives them direct access to the cables, without the hassle of continually opening and closing latches. Speed is another major advantage – they can cut 50 mm armoured cables in seconds and they have the flexibility to cut all kinds of cable types and materials with the same head making light work of them all.” For more information, contact Ridge Tool UK by phone +44 (0) 808 238 9869 or by email [email protected]



Having completed field testing the new RE 60 unit is now commercially available to the global market. RIDGID is also seeking contact with any potential resellers and distributors that might be interested in handling the new RE 60 in their local region. Interested parties should contact RIDGID at Interleuvenlaan 50, 3001 Leuven, Belgium or visit

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