Photograph by Albert Jankowski. (photo: Albert Jankowski)
Photograph by Albert Jankowski.
01.11.2017, 12:44

DDEIO and ISS in Denmark's Biggest FM Public Partnership

Contract Awards
ISS and The Danish Defence Estates and Infrastructure Organisation (DDEIO) have entered into a 6-year, DKK 3 billion (£352 million) facilities management contract involving more than 500 sites.


Under the partnership, ISS will deliver an Integrated Facility Services solution at more than 500 sites at Defence Command Denmark, the Danish Emergency Management Agency and the Danish Home Guard, as per 1 February 2018.

The agreement has a total contract value of approximately DKK 3 billion and runs over six years with the option to extend for up to three years. Covering nine service areas, including maintenance, catering and technical services, this constitutes Denmark’s largest ever public Facility Management agreement under one contract.


A partnership to create results

Hans J. Høyer, CEO of the Danish Defence Estates and Infrastructure Organisation, says:

"We are looking forward to a partnership that ensures a good balance between quality and price. It is the first time we offer Facility Management in one single contract for all sites in the country, and this will ensure that all employees in entities under the Ministry of Defence will experience a consistent level of service at all locations. At the same time, the 6-year contract period will also allow for good continuity in the service delivery. A new element is that this agreement is designed as a partnership agreement, which focuses on our and the supplier's mutual interests in finding good, innovative solutions that ensure user satisfaction whilst achieving our purpose as effectively as possible.” 


Showing the way for public tenders

Flemming Bendt, CEO of ISS Denmark, says:

"We are grateful and proud that the DDEIO has chosen to enter into a partnership with us. At the heart of the agreement is the partnership idea, where through our services we will ensure the best possible conditions for employees and guests at Defence Command Denmark, the Danish Emergency Management Agency and the Danish Home Guard, ensuring Denmark's safety. I would therefore also like to acknowledge that DDEIO with this agreement is at the forefront of the potential for outsourcing public tasks based on partnerships and common objectives."
ISS has provided services for Defence Command Denmark in Western Denmark since 2014 and can draw on experience from that partnership for the new agreement, in which ISS welcomes 400 new colleagues. The nine service areas of the agreement include cleaning, catering, outdoor maintenance, waste management, technical services, support services, as well as servicing shooting and exercise areas and firefighting services.
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