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05 October 2017 / by Sulzer Ltd (author) / Winterthur
The ability to deliver in-house motor repairs will minimize costs (photo: Sulzer)
The ability to deliver in-house motor repairs will minimize costs / (photo: Sulzer)

Facilities management (FM) is a highly competitive market with an increasing number of providers trying to offer the most cost effective contract. So, how does an FM company differentiate itself from the rest of the crowd?


Facilities management (FM) is a highly competitive market with an increasing number of providers trying to offer the most cost effective contract. So, how does an FM company differentiate itself from the rest of the crowd? Two of the most important criteria is quality of service, closely followed by the speed of response. The ability to deliver these vital attributes is usually dependent on the level of support from their suppliers.


Expertise in pump repairs minimizes downtime.

Expertise in pump repairs minimizes downtime.

Facilities management is essentially the art of delivering solutions to a wide range of problems. To be successful in this industry a provider must be either so large that it can deliver all of the necessary services in-house, or have the ability to carefully select partners, such as Sulzer, to supply some aspects of the overall solution.


With such a diverse range of services that need to be provided, most facilities managers have to decide which can be delivered by in-house professionals and which need to be outsourced to external partners. Of course, there will be differing strategies and assets depending on the types of building being managed. Multiple unit residential buildings have very different needs compared to commercial or industrial premises.

Discovering the right partners

Engaging external maintenance providers with the required levels of expertise and experience can deliver enhanced reliability especially if changes are required to the original specification. With the necessary skills and resources, expert maintenance providers can also deliver design and manufacturing facilities capable of implementing changes to promote efficiency and sustainability.


As a leading global supplier of repair solutions, Sulzer has extensive experience of delivering cost effective repairs and improvements for electric motors and rotating equipment such as air handling units (AHUs). As a pump manufacturer, the company also has the capabilities to design, manufacture and repair all makes and sizes of pump.


Every FM strategy will have unique aspects to it that require the project manager to collate a specific group of skills in order to deliver an effective solution. Depending on the customer, these can include central utilities, pumping systems, energy management as well as mechanical and electrical engineering support.

Delivering the service

It is important that any maintenance partner has, not only the skills and resources, but also original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnerships and a distribution network that is capable of supplying the high-quality products and services throughout the marketplace. In addition, it may be necessary to be available on a 24/7 basis, in which case any partner must be properly staffed to ensure suitably skilled personnel are available round the clock.


As a worldwide supplier of electromechanical repair solutions, Sulzer has the expertise and an extensive network of service centers that ensure a fast response and swift resolution is never far away. This wealth of knowledge is being appreciated by more and more facilities management companies in the UK and further afield.


Accustomed to delivering turnkey solutions, Sulzer has a wide range of comprehensive asset management of electromechanical services. This includes support for pumping assets, ventilation fans as well as variable speed drives that can reduce energy costs and improve reliability. In addition, periodic preventative maintenance techniques such as thermal imaging surveys for electrical equipment or vibration analysis for bearings can also be deployed as part of the project strategy.


For those involved with complete industrial or commercial parks there may be a responsibility to service and maintain the high voltage transformers on the site, which is certainly a specialist operation. Sulzer can maintain and repair these transformers with a minimum of downtime, ensuring minimal disruption to the companies on the park.


Ultimately, for continued success, every FM team must deliver a reliable and cost effective service. This can be achieved by efficient management and careful matching of in-house and externally-sourced expertise, and ensuring that the latter is well positioned to deliver a high quality service.


Sulzer Ltd


Sulzer Ltd

Sulzer is the leading worldwide, independent service provider for the repair and maintenance of rotating machines including turbomachinery, pumps and electro-mechanical equipment. With a global network of over 180 technically advanced manufacturing and test facilities, Sulzer offers a collaborative advantage that delivers high-quality, cost-effective, customized and turnkey solutions, providing its customers with the peace of mind to focus on their core operations. Sulzer Rotating Equipment Services, a division of Sulzer, can accommodate all brands of rotating equipment including turbines, compressors, generators, motors and pumps. With an enviable track record, dedicated teams of on-site engineers provide best-in-class solutions to ensure that the most effective service is delivered. Sulzer is dedicated to providing superior service solutions to a range of industries including power generation, oil and gas, hydrocarbon and chemical processing, water and air separation. Every solution is customized to suit the business needs of each application – whenever or wherever that may be. With a long history of providing engineering service support, Sulzer is headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland where it began in 1834. Today, with sales over US$3 billion and with approximately 14,000 employees, the Sulzer footprint spans across the globe. The core aim is to deliver a flexible and cost-effective service that optimizes customer operational efficiency and minimizes downtime. For more information on Sulzer, visit www.sulzer.com

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