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PACOM 8003 Achieves BS8243 PD662-2017 Compliance

12 February 2018 / by STANLEY Product and Technology (author)
Now helping even more end-users: the PACOM 8003 intelligent control panel. (photo: Stanley Product & Technology)
Now helping even more end-users: the PACOM 8003 intelligent control panel. / (photo: Stanley Product & Technology)

PACOM Systems, part of leading provider of security and access control solutions STANLEY Product & Technology, has announced its PACOM 8003 intelligent security control panel has achieved BS8243 PD662-2017 approval.


A true hybrid panel, the PACOM 8003 is capable of delivering both advanced access control and EN Grade 3 intrusion detection, and this exciting development means that its level of adoption can be significantly expanded throughout the UK, which will help provide a growing number of end users with the most cost effective intruder alarm system approach to building security.

Driven by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), due to the number of false and unwanted alarms that the police service had to attend, BS8243 PD662-2017 offers recommendations on the installation, maintenance and management of intruder and hold-up alarm system. It defines the method by which alarms are confirmed, the means of un-setting the security system, and the options of remote signalling that are permissible in order to gain a police response.

Confirmation can be carried out in a number of ways including video, audio and sequential alarm verification and the PACOM 8003 can play a vital role in this process. An intelligent, IP-enabled, hybrid device, it is built using PACOM-Edge technology and, by offering advanced security capabilities across an organisation’s Ethernet backbone, it reduces the need for traditional security cabling.  Furthermore, it offers up to eight configurable five state inputs and eight outputs comprising two relays and six open collectors.  Inputs can be expanded up to 64 and outputs can be expanded up to 32 via the addition of on-board expansion modules and/or remote I/O devices. 


The PACOM 8003’s new BS8243 PD662-2017 status follows its approval as an EN 50131 Grade 3 product and, with high demand currently across the UK and Europe for intelligent control panels, STANLEY Product & Technology believes that this situation will lead to significant interest. With features such as a network port and the option of on board access as standard, it will greatly enhance the level of choice available to systems integrators.

‘Over the last few years there has been a seismic shift in the technology that is incorporated into modern intruder alarm systems, and manufacturers have to demonstrate fresh and innovative thinking and design,’ commented Gavin O'Keeffe, Global Technical Director at STANLEY Product & Technology. ‘The PACOM 8003 can significantly improve return on investment through a security solution that has been carefully engineered to protect people, property and assets. Achieving BS8243 PD662-2017 approval means that more customers and end users will now be able to find out why the PACOM 8003 delivers more scalability, power and flexibility than any other integrated control panel in its class.’


About PACOM 

PACOM works with leading organizations to develop integrated enterprise security solutions that are cost-effective and flexible, delivering unrivalled reliability and functionality. It provides security solutions within verticals such as healthcare, education, airports, business parks, critical infrastructure, retail, transportation, banking and finance. For further information, please visit www.pacom.com.



STANLEY Product and Technology


STANLEY Product and Technology

STANLEY Product and Technology specialises in security, access control and door entry solutions. Our systems are designed for a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from small enterprises which require complete plug-and-play solutions, to extremely demanding, complex and boundless environments with a need for seamless and effective 3rd-party integrations. Our world-class portfolio comprises of three trusted brands: PACOM, PAC and GDX which have a combined experience of over 100 years in the security industry. Driven by constant innovation and continuously evolving physical and cyber threats, our solutions provide unparalleled quality of products and services to protect people, property and assets. STANLEY Product and Technology is part of STANLEY Black and Decker, one of the 500 largest public companies in the USA, worth over 10 billion USD. STANLEY Black and Decker operates in 131 locations worldwide, with 45,000+ employees and 50,000 products.

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