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26 February 2018 / by hfx Ltd (author) / Codicote
 (photo: hfx Ltd)
/ (photo: hfx Ltd)

hfx and Autotime Solutions have joined forces to launch EveryOneCloud, a cloud-based Attendance and Location Management portal which provides Facilities Management contractors with the convenience to track their workforce in real-time.


EveryOneCloud harnesses the latest cutting edge wireless technology to bring people and devices together in real-time, empowering organisations to capture real-time attendance and presence data and automatic timesheets from anyone, anywhere.


Nick Whiteley, CEO at hfx says: “At a time when Britain’s productivity growth is languishing behind other leading economies and struggling to close the gap amid uncertainties surrounding Brexit, the onus is on organisations to invest in technologies that increase workforce engagement and stimulate productivity.”


EveryOneCloud has the flexibility to capture employee attendance and presence data from any combination of data capture options, including fingerprint, face recognition, hand scanners, palm readers, mobile apps, card readers, telephony, text, barcode and QRCODE, allowing the system to be tailored to every workplace environment and working practice across all sectors.


EveryOneCloud also has the capability to deliver total visibility of remote workers, using GPS Geolocation tags and visual maps to track their movements and pinpoint their precise location.


Whenever an employee ‘clocks in’, the location, device used and time of the action is logged and automatically uploaded to the ‘Manager App’, where managers can view a real-time graphical dashboard and roll call summary on demand to determine the exact whereabouts of their workforce.


Whether it’s to check that everyone has arrived for the start of their shift on a factory floor or that a single engineer has arrived safely at a specific destination, managers can login to EveryOneCloud to see the precise location of everyone at any one time.


Trigger alerts can be configured based on time, clockings or location to highlight unauthorised absences and lateness.


Immediate access to an up to date roll call summary supports managers to account for the workforce at all times in the event of an emergency.


Automatic population of employee timesheets streamlines the payroll process, removing errors and discrepancies associated with manual timesheets in their entirety.


EveryOneCloud has already been branded a ‘game changer’ for the recruitment and manufacturing industries by management at award-winning recruitment and staffing specialist Workforce Staffing after adopting the system to deliver total transparency of its supplied temporary workforce to the Worcester site of metal cast manufacturer JVM Castings.


Visibility of their supplied temporary workers has enabled Workforce Staffing to achieve tangible productivity gains right across the value chain, not only empowering the staffing agency to assume full responsibility for the attendance of its supplied staff but also enhance productivity at JVM Castings by proactively covering absences to minimise lost production time.


Oliver Page Account Manager at Workforce says: “EveryOneCloud is a real game-changer. Implementing EveryOneCloud at JVM Castings has enabled us to consistently adapt to their fluctuating staffing needs to meet production demands while modernising our invoice and payroll functions by removing disruptive manual processes and freeing up valuable staff time.


“In the past, JVM could lose up to three hours in production time by the time each absence was covered. Now we can login to EveryOneCloud at the start of each shift to identify any no-shows instantly before the client does, chase up the individual to see why they haven’t arrived, and have a replacement worker on site within thirty minutes.”


EveryOneCloud has been developed to eliminate all complexity involved in the ownership and day-to-day maintenance of the system.


All hardware, software and services are wrapped up in five simple and flexible low-cost monthly Service-As-A-Solution pricing plans, giving organisations the freedom to choose the plan they want based on the required features and number of employees.


Setup is quick and easy, with customers able to be up and running in a matter a minutes rather than having to undertake a lengthy installation project. The new solution provides a ‘light touch’ approach that requires very little cabling and minimal impact on the client’s internal infrastructure.


EveryOneCloud has been load tested to handle 1 million clockings a day, with plans to increase capacity to 5 million clockings per day in 2018. Subsequently, organisations have the flexibility to easily scale up and down their system and pricing plan in line with staff fluctuations and business requirements.


EveryOneCloud can be used as a standalone system or integrated with Imperago T&A from hfx and Vanquish from Autotime Solutions as well as many major third party systems for Time & Attendance, Student Attendance, Workforce Management, HR and payroll, enabling all connected solutions to be enriched by real-time attendance data.


Nick Whiteley adds: “EveryOneCloud has been developed for organisations who have a fundamental need to track their staff so they know where their people are, when they are at a specific location and when they haven’t turned up.


“By combining the reliability and robustness of modern data capture terminals with the power and versatility of the Cloud, EveryOneCloud makes attendance monitoring more affordable than ever before, supporting organisations of all sizes, from small to enterprises, to keep their employees safe and make efficiency and bottom line savings through the efficient management and deployment of their workforce.


“The simple to use interface and configuration means customers can immediately achieve benefits and a rapid return on investment.”


For more information, visit http://everyonecloud.com.









hfx Ltd


hfx Ltd

Founded over 40 years ago, hfx has a proven history of developing innovative staff time management solutions. The company introduced the concept of flexible working hours in the 1970s with its Flextime® system, and has continued as a leader in the delivery of flexible working solutions. The latest generation of hfx solutions are cloud-based, making them quick to install, easy to provision, cost effective to run, intuitive to use which supports enthusiastic user adoption, all of which provides a fast return on investment. hfx workforce management solutions include flexitime management, access control, time and attendance and Everyone Cloud which is integrated portal enabling anyone, anywhere to clock in and out using any device. hfx solutions are fully compatible with all mainstream HR, Payroll and Human Capital Management systems. Based in the home counties just north of London, hfx services clients across the public and private sectors throughout the UK. High profile customers include Home Office, Merck, Bentley Motors, Adidas, The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), Eaton Limited, MoD, National Farmers' Union, Hertsmere Borough Council, North Lanarkshire Council, Exeter City Council, Isle of Man Government, MoJ, Met Police, Flintshire County Council, Office for National Statistics, UK Intellectual Property Office, NHS Business Services Authority, Science and Technology Facilities Council and many more. For more information, please visit: www.hfx.co.uk

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