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ISS Corporate Responsibility Report

28 February 2018 / by ISS Facility Services (author) / Copenhagen
Image courtesy of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). (photo: United Nations Development Programme)
Image courtesy of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). / (photo: United Nations Development Programme)

ISS has published its 2017 Corporate Responsibility report which provides an overview of the facility services provider's impact on the lives of millions of people through its global operations.

The report explains ISS’ contribution to sustainable development focusing on three main areas: People, including safe working conditions and human rights; Planet, focusing on impact on environment and climate; and Profit, regarding compliance with sound business standards.


Head of Group Corporate Responsibility, Joseph Nazareth, says:

“Responding to our main sustainability challenges is the way to create long-term value for our business, and hereby also for the global community. Being a responsible corporate citizen is our commitment to society, to our employees and to our customers.” 


ISS’ way of building a resilient business is based on a number of business fundamentals – vision, mission, values and strategy. This is complemented by a guidance framework of policies, rules and manuals with the signatory to the United Nations Global Compact as a pivotal point.


ISS supports the transformation towards a resilient and just international community set out in the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and with a global business scope, ISS is able to contribute to solving some of the main sustainability challenges in the world today. ISS addresses seven SDGs relevant to the business and each of these development goals and ISS’ approach to them are described further in the report.


For example, as a multicultural company, ISS embraces and encourages diversity, working to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, which are some of the challenges addressed in sustainable development goal number five. Women count for nearly half of ISS’ workforce, and female representation in management, leadership development and graduate programmes have high priority and are progressing. Also, ISS’ training programmes enforce and embed policies against harassment and discrimination.


Regarding goal eight, sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all, ISS among other actively ensures minimum wages, the right to organise and a safe working environment are basic standards at ISS. As a dedicated people company, ISS invests significantly in developing employees at all levels of the organisation. 


Read about the other SDGs and more in The ISS 2017 Corporate Responsibility report.

ISS Facility Services


ISS Facility Services

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