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Showcasing Female Leadership

08 March 2018 / by News Editor (author) / London
(Photography by CLS Graphics). (photo: clsgraphics)
(Photography by CLS Graphics). / (photo: clsgraphics)

London-based property insurance repairs specialist Sarrani is attributing its success to being female-led, as it commemorates International Women’s Day.

Founded by Rachel Stockley who remains its managing director, the company helps residential and commercial property owners navigate insurance claims and organise associated repairs.

In a heavily male-dominated industry where only 11 per cent of construction professionals are women, female leaders are rare. Yet it is because she is a woman – and empathetic in stressful situations such as dealing with insurance claims and property repairs – that Rachel Stockley believes her business is a growing success.

“Property insurance claims are a lot more difficult, time-consuming and stressful to manage than most people realise,” explains Rachel. “In my experience, many of our clients, especially women, feel more reassured and nurtured when dealing with a woman in a stressful situation. They know they can call us and we will be more empathetic to their situation. Women are great at multi-tasking and tend to be good relationship builders, which helps to build stronger connections with customers and improve business performance too.”

Navigating insurance repairs can be very daunting for those who have little-to-no building knowledge or the time to deal with everything. Typically, it can take days or weeks to obtain all the necessary information for insurers to accept a claim. It also takes a solid understanding of how buildings are constructed to agree the scope of repairs and costs with confidence. Once the scope has been agreed, an enormous amount of organisation is then required to manage the building repairs with all the various trades and materials involved. On top of this, many contractors – although excellent at their trade – are not known for great administration or communication with the client. This can result in a lot of stress for both client and contractor.

This is where Sarrani steps in. “Sarrani acts as the central point of contact for all parties concerned and to coordinate everything required to enable an insurance claim and the associated repair works to progress as smoothly as possible,” explains Rachel. “We are sympathetic to our customers’ situations, quick to respond, possess the right knowledge and resources, and always focussed on achieving the best results for those we work with.”

Visit www.sarrani.com for more information.

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