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Upgrade to Industry Leading IP/POE Lockdown Alert, Bell & PA System

12 March 2018 / by Bodet Group (author) / Hemel Hempstead
The now even better Harmonys product range. (photo: Bodet Ltd)
The now even better Harmonys product range. / (photo: Bodet Ltd)

Following positive feedback from customers, Bodet has dramatically extended the range of features and benefits available for Harmonys - the lockdown alert, bell and PA system that takes its power and transmits data over an existing IP/POE network, minimising cabling so installation is quick and easy.


The core sounders for broadcasting alerts remain the same, but additional transmission units have been developed. Harmonys Flash is a visual alert unit which complements the audio sounders. This allows alerts to be detected by people with hearing impairment or those for whom standard audio alerts are inappropriate such as studios. Harmonys Line provides a connection to an induction loop so people whose hearing is augmented by a hearing aid can hear alerts clearly.


Specific alerts such as evacuate or lockdown can be triggered manually from a multi-button control panel. The range now includes new developments which allow additional ways of triggering emergency alerts. Up to four different alerts can now be triggered via a wireless remote control unit which has a range of up to one kilometre.


For even greater flexibility, a new GSM control box means that an alert can be triggered simply by a phone call made by an authorised user. The control box also sends SMS messages to registered numbers whenever an alert is activated. Incorporating additional control boxes enables multiple alerts to be activated remotely by phone calls. This functionality gives system users even more options for triggering lockdown and emergency alerts remotely, increasing safety.


Harmonys Notify is a new app that allows authorised users to control the system from their own PC or a smartphone connected to the same network or Virtual network as the Harmonys system. Harmonys Talk is a new app that allows verbal announcements to be recorded and then broadcast remotely using a smartphone.


Harmonys is compatible with all types of audio sources such as CDs, SD cards, memory sticks, WebRadio and Webmusic so it can be used for streaming background music. Harmonys Stream is a PC application allowing audio content to be streamed and controlled from any PC connected to the network, without needing access to the full version of the software.


In addition, IP relays can be added to the system which then allow the Sigma Master Clock to automatically control systems such as lighting, heating or air conditioning so reducing everyday running costs.


Each sounder unit has its own IP address, so the system can be programmed for any bell sound or message to be broadcast to all sounders or limited to specific sounders which can be grouped up to 15 zones within the organisation. The system stores up to 18 pre-installed bell sounds so specific sounds can be tailored for different alerts. The system is controlled by Bodet’s intuitive Sigma software and is linked to a master clock, so pre-recorded announcements or customised bell sounds can be automatically transmitted at set times such as start and end of day, shift or class changes and lunch breaks. A microphone allows personalised verbal messages to be broadcast live to all or specific zones of sounders, or recorded for later use.


The whole Harmonys system has been designed to improve communication, punctuality and efficiency not only in schools, large offices, warehouses, shops and supermarkets, but also for multi-site organisations such as hospitals, sports and leisure centres, food preparation and manufacturing sites.

Visit www.bodet.co.uk for additional information.

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