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Kafoodle and Vacherin Launch Bespoke App for Diners

16 April 2018 / by Kafoodle Limited (author) / London
 (photo: Kafoodle/Vacherin)
/ (photo: Kafoodle/Vacherin)

Kafoodle has partnered with specialist London caterer Vacherin to produce an innovative diner App using the Kafoodle communications framework. The framework will help Vacherin to communicate menu information to diners more effectively.


In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of diners wanting increased transparency when it comes to what is in their food. Kafoodle offers caterers the ability to provide this to their diners through their intuitive communications framework.


The framework, which is compatible with both Android and iPhone, allows for easy communication of nutrition and allergen information, as well as providing diners with a range of other special features, including rewards, surveys, polls and information on upcoming events and daily specials. By working with Kafoodle to create their App, Vacherin are now able to directly communicate complete menu information to their diner’s fingertips, providing them with an improved and safer dining experience.


Kafoodle’s software, Kafoodle Kitchen, is the menu-management tool behind the communications framework. Communicating directly with the App to deliver real-time menu-information across a caterer’s many sites and venues.


Kafoodle will train the catering managers at each site in order to ensure that they can get the most from the Kafoodle Kitchen software from day one.


By using the Kafoodle communications framework, Vacherin are introducing a new level of food-transparency to the workplace, supporting a healthier lifestyle by providing diners with all the information they need to make better food choices, including easy access to their ‘nutritious and delicious’ healthy eating/wellbeing programme. 


Kim Antoniou, co-founder of Kafoodle, has said, “We are delighted Vacherin chose Kafoodle Kitchen as their software partner. It’s a real pleasure to be working alongside a business that genuinely believes they have both a responsibility to serve great healthy food and an obligation to share that information with their customers. We are proud that they chose Kafoodle as the digital platform to allow them to do just that.”


Phil Roker, owner and managing director at Vacherin, has said: “We’ve been working closely with Kafoodle and are thrilled to be able to roll out this exciting new technology at our sites. Vacherin’s innovative nature matched Kafoodle’s tech offering, and we were able to create an exclusive tool that can heighten both the customer and employee experience, and also support our management functions.”


Visit www.kafoodle.com for additional information.



About Vacherin

Vacherin is a specialist London caterer dedicated to delivering the highest quality food and service to discerning business organisations. Our focus is on creating an exclusive portfolio of clients within a very tight geographical area. Visit us at www.vacherin.com.




Kafoodle Limited


Kafoodle Limited

Kafoodle was founded in 2014 by Kim Antoniou and Tarryn Gorre following the introduction of the FIR legislation surrounding food allergies. Kim, with a background in software development together with Tarryn who had worked in hospitality for over a decade were determined to come up with a workable compliance solution for the foodservice industry and make a difference to allergy sufferers. Since that time, Kafoodle Kitchen has been adopted by more than 160 commercial kitchens in the UK and has plans to expand overseas. Most recently, Kafoodle has received government backing by way of a significant innovation grant to develop the newest branch, Kafoodle Kare, which is set to revolutionise catering within the social care sector. Kafoodle has gone on to amass a number of prestigious awards including taking the technology prize at The Caterer's Product Excellence Awards 2016. Most recently, Kafoodle won the Business Innovation Award at the CIS Excellence Awards 2017. Kim has won a silver award at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards and was a finalist in the Everywoman in Technology Innovator Awards in 2017, whilst Tarryn was the winner of “The Pitch” 2017 for Kafoodle Kare. Kim and Tarryn were joint finalists at the Variety Catherine Awards 2017 and Kafoodle has also won the Allergy Awareness Award at the Takeaway Innovation Awards 2015; a Bronze Award for Innovation at The Casual Dining Show 2017; and Silver for ‘What’s in Store?’ at the Food Talk Awards 2017. To find out more about Kafoodle or how Kafoodle Kitchen can help your business, visit www.kafoodle.com.

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