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Bringing Smart Workplace Experiences to ThinkFM

23 April 2018 / by Proxyclick SA/NV (author) / Brussels
Photo by Carmen Valino. (photo: BIFM)
Photo by Carmen Valino. / (photo: BIFM)

Next generation visitor management specialist, Proxyclick, will be on hand at ThinkFM 2018 (stand 5) to inspire and educate FMs about the latest technologies facilitating modern workplace management in the UK’s move towards smart buildings and cities.


The team can also advise on front desk operations and the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force next month.


Showcasing its check-in app for iPad which has managed 10 million+ visits in 50+ countries, Proxyclick will demonstrate how FMs can make visitor experiences seamless and more professional. Here’s how it works: https://vimeo.com/242660726.

Visitor management is a major challenge for FMs which must balance security and a welcoming visitor environment. Visitors are often subjected to frustrating security measures like registering their license plate number or filling in paperwork. With Proxyclick, visitors are added directly from any electronic calendar into the software and the process of welcoming them begins. Visitors receive an invitation with all the information they need for a meeting and upon arrival, simply check in using an iPad. Their host will be notified by SMS, email or via one of Proxyclick’s numerous integrations, including Slack and Skype for Business.


Gregory Blondeau, Founder of Proxyclick, says: “As the built environment makes leaps and bounds towards smart buildings and cities, ‘proptech’ is an exciting area where FMs can make significant improvements to workplace productivity. With the advent of the cloud and Internet of Things, technology now brings together access control, CRM and meeting room management which in turn, makes face-to-face meeting scenarios streamlined and far more productive.” 


In terms of security, Proxyclick operates like a digital aeroplane manifest for office buildings: you can alert all guests at once via SMS or, in the event of an evacuation, pull up the check-in list to ensure everyone has exited the building. No FM ever wants to be without an answer in the case when a fire brigade asks: are you 100% sure that there is no-one left the building?”


Gregory adds: “Right now, suppliers and the FM industry at large are working towards a frictionless and enjoyable visitor process. Soon, smart technologies will recognise your car as you pull into the car park, the access control is open for you as you get to the gate, you enter the elevator to the right floor, you can access the Wi-Fi and indoor navigation takes you to the right meeting room where your favorite drink and your host is waiting for you – everything taken care of in an integrated, smart way.”

Mark Hill, Strategy and Marketing Director at Globeship Sodexo, also says: “Sodexo is digitalizing its front desk operations to help its clients augment the way they welcome their visitors, promote better health and safety, and enhance the overall visitor experience. Sodexo and Proxyclick have been working together to achieve this aim on multiple client accounts across Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America.”


Visit www.proxyclick.com for more information, or find out about our free EU GDPR educational workshop for FMs on 24 April 2018 at 10am.


Proxyclick SA/NV


Proxyclick SA/NV

Proxyclick is a web-based software company that manages your office visitors. Proxyclick has managed close to 10 million visits in more than 50 countries and counts among its users 26 Fortune 500 companies. Some of its most well-known clients include Airbnb, L'Oréal, Danone, Bosch, BASF, Audi, Acer and PepsiCo. Proxyclick accompanies corporations in their front desk digitization quests, taking into account three key concerns of both companies and individuals: visitor experience, building security and data privacy. Proxyclick has headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and offices in New York. Learn more at www.proxyclick.com

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