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Borg & Overström Updates Water Dispensers

03 May 2018 / by Borg and Overström (author) / Norwich
 (photo: Borg and Overstrom)
/ (photo: Borg and Overstrom)

Following the announcement of new U1 and U2 models, Borg & Overström have updated its B3 and B4 water dispensers as an even more attractive alternative to bottled water.

R&D Manager, Jim Dunn, explains: “The new B3 and B4 both offer more height in the dispense areas, making it easy to refill bottles and flasks. We hope people will think of their Borg & Overström POU watercooler as their first port of call to replenish their personal drinking water supply. Refilling is so much more environmentally friendly than throwing away one bottle after another."

Borg & Overstrom B3 water dispenser.

Borg & Overstrom B3 water dispenser.

The new-look models will be available in gloss black, white or silver, and in countertop or floor-standing form. An ultra-hygienic touch-sensitive control panel provides a clear, less cluttered interface and enables simpler cleaning.

As well as up to the minute styling, the new models also boast class-leading performance. Significantly increased throughputs of chilled water are delivered – 30 litres from the B3 and 35 litres from the B4. Upgraded alloy elements in redesigned hot water tanks under mains pressure improve heating efficiency, reduce scale build-up and provide up to 6 cups of hot water in one go. Sparkling water options feature high-saturation carbonation to provide Deep Sparkle™, and now have a built-in leak detector and level sensor as standard.

As with other Borg & Overström coolers, the new B3 and B4 benefit from the company’s Totality™ regime, with every model undergoing a pre-despatch Sterizen™ deep-clean, as well as having a protective Fynil™ coating. A Viovandt™ anti-bacterial UV lamp can also be fitted as an option.

The dispensers can be supplied with a rear cover to prevent tampering – a legal requirement in publicly-sited dispensers. The B4 in its countertop guise is one of the few that offers a sparkling water option.

With the range of options available, Borg & Overström believes the 2018 B3 and B4 models will further boost sales of what is already its best-selling range.

The new B3 and B4 models are now available from stock. Visit www.borgandoverstrom.com for additional information.





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Borg and Overström

Founded in 2001, Borg and Overström design and produce world-class drinking water dispensers, utilising the latest technology to deliver water efficiently and safely. Every product is engineered to the highest specification, perfected in-house, and quality-tested by hand. This attention to detail enables Borg and Overström products to be supported by the most comprehensive quality guarantee in the industry. Visit us at www.borgandoverstrom.com

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