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Bigger, Faster, Stronger

04 May 2018 / by Optigo Networks (author) / Vancouver
Optigo's 8-port Smart Aggregation Switch and Network Controller. (photo: Optigo Networks)
Optigo's 8-port Smart Aggregation Switch and Network Controller. / (photo: Optigo Networks)

Optigo Networks is increasing the power of its smart building network platform, Optigo Connect, via a new 8-port Smart Aggregation Switch which hosts 10G of bandwidth and allows seamless expansion of building systems with thousands of devices.


“At Optigo Networks, we design solutions that scale with the client’s needs,” says Wayne Tighe, Vice President of Global Sales at Optigo Networks. “We are excited to deliver this new, forward-thinking innovation that can support any commercial building’s system.” 

With 10G of bandwidth and eight Passive Optical Networking ports — each capable of connecting all your edge switches — the new Smart Aggregation Switch is high-speed and robust. It has big power in a small form factor, so users can plan for the future without compromising space. Leave ports open, add fiber as new devices are installed, and scale the network with confidence. The switch’s value grows exponentially, as users continue to expand their systems without needing to buy and install all-new hardware.  


The Smart Aggregation Switch couples with the Optigo OneView Network Controller, providing centralized management and unique visibility. The user-friendly interface allows users to monitor and manage the entire network from one place. This lets facility managers own their networks — no reliance on IT required.


With high-bandwidth capacity, plenty of ports, and centralized monitoring and management, the Smart Aggregation Switch is uniquely forward-looking. This new innovation from Optigo Networks gives building owners — and the integrators and manufacturers they work with — everything they need to create healthy building networks at any size.  


Learn more and pre-order your 8-port Smart Aggregation Switch today!




Optigo Networks


Optigo Networks

Optigo Networks believes healthy networks are the backbone of smart buildings, and people are at the core. As more buildings embrace IoT, new challenges arise in making our buildings efficient, comfortable, and secure. The network is integral to ensuring these intelligent systems work properly. At Optigo, we make sure the data moves seamlessly from edge-to-cloud or edge-to-server, uncompromised and on time. We simplify the complex for people who own, manage, and operate smart buildings. With award-winning solutions, we’re the first to address the growing complexity of the thousands of machines in our buildings. We build and monitor healthy networks in a rising number of commercial buildings worldwide. Visit us at www.optigo.net

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