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Celebrating World FM Day 2018 Through Positive Experiences

16 May 2018 / by Bennett Hay (author)
Photo by Daniel Lewis (photo: Daniel Lewis  (www.daniellewisphoto.com))
Photo by Daniel Lewis / (photo: Daniel Lewis (www.daniellewisphoto.com))

In celebration of World FM Day (16th May), bespoke hospitality provider Bennett Hay has created a series of posts featuring key insights as a guide to enabling positive experiences.


Designed to share practical advice to facilities management professionals, the guide focuses on five key areas; People, Service design, Partnerships, Food & wellbeing and Guest service.


Anthony Bennett is championing and sharing colleagues' unique workplace insights.

Anthony Bennett is championing and sharing colleagues' unique workplace insights.

Each area has been allocated to one of Bennett Hay’s expert team members who will share best practice on their respective topic and explain how this fits into the wider objective of enabling positive experiences.


The series features:

  • People: Culture clash – how to support a culture for enabling positive experiences by Claire Huish MCIPD, Colleague Services Manager
  • Service design: Secret service – research, design and the hidden side of enabling positive experiences by Tamsin Bennett, Design & Display 
  • Food & wellbeing: Food, wellbeing and community for enabling positive experiences by Alistair Day, Executive Chef 
  • Partnerships: Decoding client – service partner relationship by Robin Hay, Owner Director 
  • Guest service: A guide to positive guest communication by Dirce Iervolino, Operations support manager


Anthony Bennett, owner director at Bennett Hay commented, ‘Working in a people-centric industry means we would be nothing without the dedication and expertise of our team. As such, we wanted to champion their work and share some of their unique insights with the wider facilities management industry and what better opportunity than on World FM Day!


‘The guide aims to share practical advice with people from across the industry, while providing points of thought around what the sector could be doing differently to better enable positive experiences for guests, clients and employees alike.’


The full Bennett Hay guide to enabling positive experiences can be viewed here.



Bennett Hay


Bennett Hay

Bennett Hay is a bespoke hospitality services business offering guest services, food and wellbeing and blended services to support modern workplaces. Clients include Landsec, Weil, Gotshal and Manges LLP, Fremantle Media and EDF Trading. Visit us at www.bennetthay.co.uk

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