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Emergency Chemical Decontamination

05 June 2018 / by HEMCO Corporation (author) / Independence
 (photo: HEMCO)
/ (photo: HEMCO)

HEMCO is delighted to announce its custom-designed chemical decontamination booth.


Time is often critical following exposure to hazardous chemical substances, with even a short delay magnifying the potential for serious energy.


In the United States, OSHA and ANSI require emergency showers to be located within a 10-second walk of any hazardous site.


HEMCO Emergency Shower / Decontamination Booths are supplied assembled and ready for connection to water supply and waste systems. The units are moulded from seamless, chemically-resistant, fiberglass and feature a pull-rod activated shower and push handle eye/face wash that will drench personnel exposed to chemicals immediately.


Find out more at www.EmergencyShowerBooths.com.



HEMCO Corporation


HEMCO Corporation

HEMCO is the leading manufacturer of innovative laboratory equipment serving the Sciences and R&D Technology Industries since 1958. Located in Independence, Missouri, the heart of America, and the crossroads of North America a major center for transportation, communication, distribution, and manufacturing industries worldwide. HEMCO's modern manufacturing and distribution facilities, combined with our many years of experience, uniquely qualifies us to provide laboratory planning solutions. Our extensive engineering, design and manufacturing expertise can transform your laboratory ideas into reality. Learn more at www.hemcocorp.com

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