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COPTRZ to Detect Drones at British F1 Grand Prix

06 July 2018 / by COPTRZ Ltd (author) / Leeds
 (photo: Ben Sutherland)
/ (photo: Ben Sutherland)

Silverstone Circuit have selected COPTRZ to deliver drone detection services during the three-day British Grand Prix event from 6-8th July, 2018.

COPTRZ will deploy technology that obtains information about the model and serial numbers of drones, their course, speed, altitute, and even the people operating them, to detect and inform organisers of any unplanned flight activity.


Commenting on the contract, Steve Coulson, COPTRZ founder and managing director, said: "We look forward to working with the team at Silverstone and syncing our drone detection solution with their current security protocols".


Sports events and venues all over the world are increasingly countering the threat of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles ("UAV"), by investing in security countermeasures.








COPTRZ was formed in 2016 and provides specialist services to the commercial UAV market to help businesses to access the benefits of drone technology. The Leeds-based business are at the forefront of drone detection technology and is already providing their solution to public authorities throughout the UK. Visit www.coptrz.com for more information.

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