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Tackling Solar Gain for A Large Motor Insurer

21 September 2018 / by Lustalux Ltd (author) / London
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Architectural window film specialist Lustalux has helped facility manager Ascot Services to reduce interior discomfort and high HVAC costs associated with solar gain through south-facing glazing installed at the premises of one of the UK's most high-profile motor insurance companies.


Successful trials of Solar Gard Sentinel Silver 20 (an external grade solar control window film) were followed by a 1,100 sq. metre installation that required powered access for the installation team.


Richard Lancaster, managing director, Lustalux, said: “We understand how crucial it is to provide a safe and healthy environment in all types of commercial environment, and were only too willing to assist in reducing indoor temperatures, air-conditioning costs and glare".


Outside films such as the Solar Gard product are specially designed for application to the exterior of windows (Face 1 of a double-glazed unit or DGU), and manufactured to withstand even adverse weather conditions. They can be very effective in reducing solar gain - the term that describes the absorption of solar radiation by windows  causing the surface temperature of glass to rise and radiate heat indoors.


Films are used extensively in shops, factories and public buildings.











Lustalux Ltd


Lustalux Ltd

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