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Elios Drone Tested to 800 R/H of Radiation

28 September 2018 / by Flyability SA (author) / Lausanne
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Flyability's Elios drone which is deployed remotely for visual inspection of radioactive environments and commands a 30 per cent share of the U.S. nuclear plant market, has performed successfully under extreme exposure to radiation in tests conducted by Exelon PowerLabs.


Elios has been used in several case scenarios, including inspecting basements of reactors for leakages, and inspections of tanks used in primary cooling circuits of nuclear power plant in Europe.


Flyability is currently exploring alternative applications including nuclear asset decommissioning, and used nuclear fuel storage management as a result of improved visual access to otherwise difficult-to-reach storage areas.




Exelon PowerLabs coordinated the testing of the Elios at one of its own nuclear sites which regularly tests equipment for use in nuclear plants.


"We are helping to drive innovation and the use of new technologies at nuclear energy facilities," says Colbey Ryan, business development manager, Exelon PowerLabs. "By using drones and other forms of advanced technologies, nuclear plants can operate more efficiently, reliably and safely."


The test consisted of incremental increases in radiation exposure whilst Elios was in operation. During the final test, the optical camera and radio control of the Elios performed as normal under exposed to radiation for a duration of 10 minutes at a rate of 800 Rem/Hour.


Following the radiation exposure sequences, two functional checks consisting of disarming (stop) and arming (start) the aircraft were performed to see if the unit remained fully functional after such high dosages. The cumulative test sequences exposed the Elios craft to more than 180 Rem (1.8 Sv) which is more than 90 times the annual dose limit for a single person working at a nuclear plant in the United States and France.




Flyability SA


Flyability SA

Flyability is a Swiss company building safe drones for inaccessible places. By allowing drones to be used safely inside cities, inside buildings, and in contact with people, it enables new interactions and services with UAVs. With Elios, Flyability solves the two most critical issues of one of the fastest growing industries: collision and injury risks. The company’s first market is in industrial inspection where it avoids sending people in dangerous and confined spaces for the inspection of Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemical, or Maritime infrastructures. It is also active in Search & Rescue and Security to assess emergency situations without putting humans at risk. Flyability is the winner of the 1M USD Drones for Good Award and over 15 other technology and business prizes. Visit www.flyability.com for more information.

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