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dena 2018 Energy Efficiency Award for MeteoViva and Fraport

27 November 2018 / by MeteoViva GmbH (author) / Jülich
Andreas Kuhlmann (dena), Patrick Schäfer (Fraport), Rüdiger Schröder (Fraport), Stefan Hardt (MeteoViva), Ole MoellerJensen (Danfoss). (photo: )
Andreas Kuhlmann (dena), Patrick Schäfer (Fraport), Rüdiger Schröder (Fraport), Stefan Hardt (MeteoViva), Ole MoellerJensen (Danfoss).

MeteoViva and Fraport are the proud recipients of a Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) 2018 award from the German Energy Agency.


Despite its modern, state-of-the-art headquarters building, Fragport AG achieved a 19 per cent reduction in energy-related operating costs after adopting a digital solution created by MeteoViva - an accomplishment that won both companies the prestigious national award.


As the winners of the "Energy Efficiency: From Clever to Digital" category, the companies were also recognised for their intelligent application of data in improving the efficiency of building technology, following a 20 per cent reduction in carbon emissions within two years of the implementation of the new system - an achievement that was all the more remarkable as Fraport's HQ building at Frankfurt Airport is already certified to Platinum standard by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).


Commenting on the award, Dr. Stefan Hardt, MeteoViva managing director, said:

"The fact we managed to achieve such significant savings in a building constructed according to already excellent environmental standards demonstrates the potential of our predictive approach." 

The award also affirms Fraport's on-going commitment to sustainability which is enshrined in a commitment to reduce emissions across the group by just under 50 per cent before 2030.


As Dr. Stefan Schulte, Chairman of the its Executive Board, explains:

"Reflecting our commitment to operate as a responsible corporation, this goal represents a significant part of our contribution to protecting the climate.


"The partnership with MeteoViva is an invaluable milestone in our endeavour to further improve the energy efficiency of our buildings, facilities and processes."


Fraport is already planning to introduce MeteoViva's system in its other buildings.



About the dena Awards

The dena Awards recognizes projects that make a special contribution to energy transition. A total of 104 companies from Germany and abroad submitted entries in 2018 of which 14 were nominated by the panel of judges. Learn more at www.dena.de



About Fraport AG

One of the leading players in the global airport business, Fraport AG offers a wide range of operational and management solutions based on over 90 years of aviation expertise. Fraport’s portfolio of companies spans four continents with activities at 30 airports worldwide. In business year 2016, the Fraport Group generated sales of €2.93 billion and profit of about €360 million. More than 119 million passengers used airports around the world in which Fraport has more than a 50 percent stake during 2017. In its Mission Statement, Fraport places the focus on customers. The Group’s commitment to ensuring a “good trip” to all passengers and travelers is also reflected in the corporate slogan: “Gute Reise! We make it happen”. This commitment applies to all of Fraport’s business activities and services both at Germany’s largest aviation hub in Frankfurt and the Group’s airports worldwide. Visit www.fraport.com for more information.



MeteoViva GmbH


MeteoViva GmbH

Behind MeteoViva is the vision of Markus Werner: not only can the indoor climate of every building be managed in a predictive manner using a thermodynamic model, but a predictive model can lead to significant energy savings. For energy-efficient building concept he examined, Markus saw a feasible methodology to optimize the heating, cooling and ventilation, provided a reasonably simple, yet accurate, thermodynamic model is used. The model should factor the building physics, its HVAC equipment, but also its usage, and the weather forecast. This realization was the starting point for the development of a truly disruptive technology. It was also the starting point for MeteoViva. Founded 2001 in Aachen by Markus Werner, MeteoViva has offices in Jülich (Germany, headquarters), Basel (Switzerland, since 2013) and Washington (USA, since 2015). With MeteoViva Climate, the company is offering a smart data solution which optimizes building’s HVAC equipment to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. The technology is manufacturer-agnostic. The company leverages its expertise through the use of sales and service partners in Europe and the US. MeteoViva Climate is being used in more than 70 large buildings totaling over 1.2 million square meters and almost EUR 10 million in energy costs. Our goal is as simple as it is complex: Create a comfortable indoor climate while reducing the use of energy resources. For a lasting quality improvement in the workplace and everyday life. We travel this route together with nature: MeteoViva Climate is oriented on the dynamics of nature and adjusts to changes invisibly. In doing so, we are setting new standards of intelligent heating and air conditioning of buildings. Learn more at www.meteoviva.com

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