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Inepro Launches SmartLine Q-Buster

06 December 2018 / by Inepro BV (author) / Haarlemmermeer
The  SmartLine Q-Buster. (photo: )
The SmartLine Q-Buster.

With research revealing the average person spends five years of their life waiting in lines and queues, Inepro BV has developed the SmartLine Q-Buster self-service Point of Sale (PoS) solutions to meet the the needs of organisations that want to use modern technology to improve customer’s experience of their brand.


The SmartLine self-service PoS is a great way to order and pay for goods and services. With this new technology, the focus will be on the user side making the experience smoother and more convenient.


With solution also speeds up and simplifies ordering and payment by incorporating a touch screen that can display a total of 408 products and provide clear instructions on product selection and payment for users.


inepro’s self-payment PoS reduces costs by removing the need for cashiers which gives you the opportunity to move your staff to more customer service roles.


In addition, the touch screen technology speeds up the ordering process and lowers the chance of human error.


In short, deployment of the SmartLine Q-Buster improves customer service, enhances customer experience, and enables you to take greater use of effective technology!


The SmartLine Q-Buster is available now - visit our website for more information.





Inepro BV


Inepro BV

Inepro is an innovative supplier/developer of cash or cashless payment solutions and management systems. By choosing Inepro, you will only need one supplier to ensure management for payment of goods and services. Inepro guarantees compatibility of connection to existing equipment regardless of brand, type or model. Inepro’s aim is to always provide a solution that fits our customers’ needs. The philosophy behind all Inepro products is to save the customer administration time, effort and money, thus allowing them to focus on true daily business activities and ambitions. www.inepro.com

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