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Western Digital Consolidates Multi-billion Dollar Subsidiaries with Oracle

07 December 2018 / by Oracle Corporation (author) / Redwood City
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The rationalisation of its global supplier chain by 50 per cent and a 70 per cent reduction in approval times since 2016, are benefits of a decision by Western Digital Corp to migrate the core business systems of Western Digital, SanDisk and HGST to the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud.


After acquiring SanDisk and HGST, Western Digital faced the challenge of rationalizing three Fortune 500-size on-premises ERP systems. Western Digital decided it needed a modern suite of best-in-class ERP applications that would enable it to enhance the customer experience and achieve a competitive advantage while improving employee productivity. After careful evaluation, Western Digital selected Oracle ERP Cloud, which has allowed it to seamlessly extend its on-premises applications to the cloud and establish a modern business platform that can seamlessly scale to support its future expansion plans and new technology innovations.


“The process of rationalizing three large legacy systems and associated applications gave us a unique opportunity to drive change, as more than two thirds of our organization would have to undergo change no matter what application we selected. We needed a simple, yet scalable cloud platform that could power our rapidly growing business,” said Steve Phillpott, CIO at Western Digital. “With Oracle Cloud we have been able to consolidate applications, automate key financial workflows and radically improve productivity. Oracle has been the catalyst for change and is pivotal in our digital transformation journey.”


“The technology industry is an incredibly fast-paced and competitive market, where the quickest, most agile players win. Western Digital has done an incredible job bringing three large enterprise organizations onto a single Fortune 100-scale platform to significantly improve efficiency and business agility,” said Rondy Ng, senior vice president, Oracle Applications Development. “With Oracle ERP Cloud, Western Digital will be able to continually take advantage of the latest innovations to gain a competitive advantage and successfully position itself for future growth.”


Western Digital’s adoption of Oracle ERP Cloud builds upon its use of both Oracle on-premises and Oracle Analytics Cloud. With Oracle, Western Digital is able to avoid massive file download times and manual analysis to provide its employees with access to the information they need to make better, faster decisions. Learn more about how Oracle is “empowering Western Digital with Oracle Analytics Cloud.



Oracle Corporation


Oracle Corporation

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