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Choosing Office Space in Hobart

24 January 2018 / by Alexandra Richards (author)
Photograph courtesy of Bruce Potter. (photo: Bruce Potter)
Photograph courtesy of Bruce Potter. / (photo: Bruce Potter)

Although Hobart, the financial and administrative capital of Tasmania, may not immediately spring to mind as a place for setting up business operations, the busy seaport and setting-off point for Antarctic expeditions is home to over 220 000 people who include a burgeoning population of returning young entrepreneurs.



Australia’s most southerly state capital serves as the business and commercial centre of Tasmania. In fact, forty per cent of Tasmanians are based here and with a diverse economy, there are opportunities for businesses of all types to capitalise on. And with a cheaper cost of living than any other Australian city as well as spectacular natural scenery, a progressive modern art scene and plenty of Aussie heritage, it’s no wonder why more businesses are seeking office space in Hobart.


Read our guide to choosing office space in Hobart, packed with plenty of helpful tips to help you get your business venture off to a positive start on the stunning ‘Apple Isle’.



The 'Apple Isle': Location and Accessibility

With nearly 6,000 businesses in the Hobart municipal area, choosing the right location for your office space is critical. Choosing an accessible location that makes it easy for both your employees and clients to reach you is often one of the deciding factors in the rapid growth or failure of SMEs.


Locating your business in office space in a building such as the Reserve Bank Building, a Hobart landmark, will increase your company’s visibility and reputation hugely. With stunning views of the Hobart skyline, Mount Wellington and the beautiful waterfront area, your clients are bound to be impressed when you hold meetings here. Your staff will thank you for a location like this and it will speak volumes to the professionalism of your organisation.


With an office space that’s reachable by both public and private transportation and that provides parking, employees can get to and from work with ease.



Office Ambience

Creating a relaxing yet productive environment in your office will help both clients and employees to have a positive feeling about the space. You want your business to appear professional and a dilapidated, dated office space will harm your reputation. Pay attention to how comfortable your employees and clients are in the space and see if there’s room for improvement.


Having an office space with great interior styling, fine leather furniture, granite flooring and hand-picked art pieces will gain more respect for your business in the local business community. And with a serviced office setup in Hobart, a space like this can be had for a fraction of the cost of a more traditional office setup.




Nowadays, not many businesses can operate efficiently, or at all, without a reliable high-speed internet connection. In today’s tech-driven business world, being connected is a prerequisite for doing business and is something you need to give due consideration to.


When you’re deciding on office space in Hobart, look for providers that provide state-of-the-art communications technology and offer in-house IT support. Having the flexibility to use services on a pay-as-you-go basis is a bonus that can help you stay in control of your outgoings as you develop your business over time.



Choose Office Space in Hobart and Bolster Your Business

Office space in Hobart is more affordable than in any other Australian capital and with a booming economy, now is the time to take the leap and expand to Tasmania. With more young people moving back to Hobart due to the lower cost of living, there’s been a lot of positivity surrounding new business in the city.


When deciding where in the city to locate your office, make sure you consider how accessible the location is for both staff and clients. Check that the building is set up with the proper infrastructure and technology to keep you connected and create a productive, welcoming environment. And when you find your perfect office space, remember to capitalise on all that Hobart and Tasmania have to offer.



Alexandra Richards


Alexandra Richards

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