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Chris Cerisola  - 18.04.2019, 12:25

What's New in BS 7671:2018?

Chris Cerisola, a NICEIC Qualified Supervisor (QS) with Artic Buliding Services, considers recent...

The Seven Ps. (photo: )
Mark Harper  - 16.04.2019, 12:08

Document Shredding and GDPR

Despite a global increase in document shredder sales since the introduction of GDPR, HSM's Mark...

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GRITIT Ltd  - 12.04.2019, 11:28

The Grounds Maintenance Calendar

As few facilities managers are likely to be expert horticulturalists, GRITIT advocates seasonal...

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Adam Branson  - 08.04.2019, 14:02

Partners in Crime?

Adam Branson asks whether the UK government's anti-money laundering (AML) regime for property...

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Jim Jenkins  - 20.03.2019, 09:39

Catering for Lifelong Learning

Jim Jenkins, CEO of Universities East for Sodexo North America, considers the practices tertiary...

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Steve Loughney  - 13.03.2019, 11:38

Is Anyone Listening?

Steve Loughney, Head of building management systems (BMS) for Siemens' Building Technologies...

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Deborah Exell  - 08.03.2019, 12:16

Empowering Women in ICT

Deborah Exell, Global Head of Human Capital at Getronics, asks whether our need to mark...

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Peter Tetlow  - 06.03.2019, 15:11

Does ‘Digital’ Really Exist?

Peter Tetlow, client solutions director for outsourced contact centre provider Ventrica says...