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Super-hydrophobic Carpet and Rug Protection

19 September 2017 / by Fiber-Shield Industries Inc (author) / Yaphank
FSI's carpet drops in action. (photo: Fiber-Shield Industries Inc)
FSI's carpet drops in action. / (photo: Fiber-Shield Industries Inc)

In a global rug and carpet market expected to reach $40 billion annually by 2020, Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc., is delighted to announce the global launch of its KARPETCRYL® carpet and rug protection solution.


Fiber-Shield Industries Inc., a leading supplier of specialty protection products and related materials, announces the launch and availability of its super-hydrophobic carpet and rug treatment, KARPETCRYL®, to industry professionals worldwide.


This powerful new protection comes at an opportune time for the carpet and rug industry, given 4.5 percent annual growth, and global sales expected to reach $40 billion by 2020, according to recent reports by Global Industry Analysts and The Freedonia Group.  KARPETCRYL® offers long-lasting protection from damaging household stains such as wine, coffee, pet accidents and more, according to Manny Vickers, President and Co-Founder of Fiber-Shield Industries Inc.  As a result, KARPETCRYL® holds tremendous appeal for contractors, carpet and rug retail stores, installers and interior designers.


Further, KARPETCRYL® is effective and safe on all leading materials used today, including wool, nylon and modern polymers.  Customizable and safe, there is even an aerosol-grade KARPETCRYL®. All super hydrophobic products made by Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc. contain no PFOs, PFOAs, or PBDEs.


“KARPETCRYL® is a highly-effective, long-lasting solution that builds customer profits and delights commercial and residential users,” Vickers said.  “Here is a proven, high-performance, and safe treatment for professionals in a wide range of channels.”



Super-Hydrophobics: What Is It All About?

According to Vickers, super-hydrophobic coatings cause an almost imperceptibly thin layer of air to form on top of a surface. “Super-hydrophobic effects are also found in nature,” Vickers said.  “They appear on plant leaves, butterfly wings, and duck feathers, for example.  This is what we study in biometrics, where scientists solve problems by observing and recreating solutions found in nature.”


Such super-hydrophobic surfaces, Vickers explained, are extremely difficult to wet since they cause liquids to aggregate and form beads that sit on the surface.  These surfaces efficiently repel liquids, causing molecules to clump together and form little beads that are not absorbed by the rug fibers and, thus, easily wiped away.

“And, as we’ve found at our company, such technology holds tremendous value in other applications,” he said.  “For example, our new automotive windshield product is designed to actually bond with the auto glass, to completely prevent rain droplets from clinging to the glass.”



Fiber-Shield Industries, Inc. formulates KARPETCRYL® in two broad categories and both are produced in the U.S. and available now.  Class A products are ready to use, right off the shelf.  Class B products include ingredients sold to bulk makers and are secret weapons that greatly enhance efficacy and end-user performance.

Fiber-Shield Industries Inc


Fiber-Shield Industries Inc

Founded in Long Island, New York in 1979 by Manny and Connie Vickers, Fiber-Shield Industries is a manufacturer of proprietary formulations that to deliver proven, breakthrough, protection consistency, safety, and cost-effectively. We produce solutions for several industries and applications, including fabric and carpet, leather, glass, fire retardation, metal and fiberglass, vinyl and rubber, and maisonry and concrete. For further information, visit www.fiber-shield.com.

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