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22.03.2019, 10:50

Third-party Luminaire Testing

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A revolutionary Gonio photometry luminaire testing scheme allows lighting manufacturers to offer efficient 3rd party accredited luminaire performance testing.


The scheme from The LIA and Acal BFi will radically speed up the product testing process, whilst providing clients peace of mind when it comes to validating photometric measurements such as lumen per watts and related performance claims.


Lighting companies that have a requirement for photometry testing, are aware of the costs and time involved. The LIA Third-Party Gonio Photometry Scheme gives you control and puts both the product development and final certification process literally in your hands.


The Scheme is built around the class-leading Viso Systems LabSpion goniometer. This cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for a traditional goniometer and/or an integrating sphere and allows you to perform these test quickly and accurately in manufacturers’ premises without the requirement for a controlled environment.


Participants will have the ability to scan light sources and luminaires quickly and easily, creating quality, easy to read light measurements and data. The equipment can producing data files in formats such as ies & ltd for use in lighting design software as well as cdl format for horticultural lighting data.


Full photometric scans take only two minutes and once ready, the data is sent securely via a dedicated cloud server to the LIA Laboratory for validation. The LIA Laboratory will then be able to issue third-party accredited reports and all within 24 hours without the need for product samples to be transported around the country or the world.


The Viso Systems LabSpion goniometer is also able to assist with product development. Making it possible to measure prototypes as often or as much as desired before finally submitting data for approval by the LIA Laboratory.


Various financing or purchasing options exist which typically amount to less than the cost of other 3rd party testing and/or the upkeep of own photometric equipment.


Discussing the partnership, Steve Davies, LIA CEO, said:

"Through this partnership, we have created an innovative solution for the lighting industry. This scheme not only makes the measurement of any light source easier than ever before, but also cost effective."


 Additional information is available at the LIA Laboratory website.


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