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UPS Supplier's Warranty Pledge

14 January 2019 / by Riello UPS (author) / Wrexham
Riello UPS iPlug. (photo: Riello UPS)
Riello UPS iPlug. / (photo: Riello UPS)

Award-winning manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) Riello UPS is offering facilities managers some New Year cheer by introducing a standard five-year warranty.


Leo Craig, Riello UPS's general manager.

Leo Craig, Riello UPS's general manager.

From Monday 14th January 2019, all customers will automatically benefit from the extended warranty period on its entire range up to and including 3kVA.


The guarantee applies to new purchases of all Riello UPS single-phase units within the specified power range. Eligible products include the popular Sentinel Pro and Sentinel Dual (Low Power) online UPS ranges, along with the supplier’s line interactive and offline UPS units.


It covers any mechanical faults or failures during the first five years from purchase, significantly longer than the two or three-year warranty periods typically available with power protection products.


Leo Craig, General Manager of Riello UPS, commented: “A UPS provides priceless protection against damaging equipment downtime, so when a facilities manager buys from us they’re placing huge faith that our products are up to such a crucial task.


“Warranties help provide that all-important peace of mind. Extending ours to a full five years clearly demonstrates the complete confidence we have in the exceptional reliability and long-lasting performance of our UPS systems. That’s because we design and manufacture all the units we stock, giving us ultimate quality control.”


The five-year warranty pledge is the latest in a series of ground-breaking aftercare services provided by the critical power protection specialist.


Riello UPS is the first UK-based UPS company to commit to both a guaranteed emergency response and fix time. Through its pioneering Diamond UPS maintenance contract, customers are assured of a four-hour response plus a promise the fault will be repaired inside a further eight hours.


In addition, replacement fans are automatically included in Riello UPS maintenance plans, unlike most other providers, while advanced thermal imaging is also featured as standard as part of all preventive maintenance visits (PMVs) too.



About Riello UPS’ new warranty

The standard five-year warranty is only applicable on new purchases made direct from Riello UPS Ltd or its authorised reseller partners from Monday 14th January 2019. It is not available retrospectively.


Unless otherwise agreed, the warranty covers any mechanical faults or failures experienced during the first five years from the date of despatch. Standard Riello UPS terms and conditions apply.


The following Riello UPS products are eligible for the standard five-year warranty:

  • Online:
    • Sentinel Pro
    • Sentinel Dual (Low Power)
  • Line Interactive:
    • Net Power
    • Vision
    • Vision Rack
    • Vision Dual
  • Offline / VFD (Voltage & Frequency Dependant):
    • iPlug
    • iDialog [excluding the iDialog Rack version]


Riello UPS


Riello UPS

Founded in 1986, Riello Elettronica initially manufactured switching power supplies for information technology applications, before moving into the manufacture of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). The Riello UPS brand is now a world leader in the uninterruptible power supplies market. Visit us at www.riello-elettronica.com.

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