Optitex Print and Cut Workflow. (photo: )
Optitex Print and Cut Workflow.
14.05.2019, 03:39

Small Apparel Orders on a Single Roll

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Electronics For Imaging is promoting the newest version of the EFI™ Optitex® 2D/3D CAD platform which adds enhancements to Optitex's capabilities for fashion, apparel and textile manufacturers.


The new release also features several innovations, including including a new Print & Cut solution that enables printing of all garment patterns on a single roll..


Debuting at Texprocess 2019 in Frankfurt from 14-17 May (visit Hall 4, Stand B41), the new platform promises efficiency savings of between 15 and 40 per cent over traditional textile production methods. 

Announcing the launch, Amir Lehr, EFI Optitex general manager, said:

"In order to respond to the fast pace of fashion and changing buying behaviours today, implementing end-to-end digital workflows is no longer a nice-to-have; it is survival. With this new Optitex release, full design-to-production preparation can be automated, enabling customers to focus on creativity, to quicken execution, and allow for the customisation required in today's demanding market."


"As on-demand manufacturing of fashion and apparel continues to gain traction around the world, this new release offers the necessary efficiencies required to meet market requirements for faster time to market, accuracy, customisation and personalisation, as well as profitable and timely production of small mixed orders." 


EFI Optitex technology addresses the need of retailers and brands to bring new products to market quickly by automating true-to-life fabric simulation, cross-size simulation, and multi-colourway-multi-angle rendering.


The manufacturer claims fashion and apparel manufacturers also benefit from an improved nesting algorithm that increases fabric utilisation by up to 4 per cent, and lists the following as additional benefits of the new Optitex release:

• Advanced automation tools including true-to-life fabric simulation, cross-size simulation and multi-colourway-multi-angle rendering
• Power tools that simplify complex stitching and grading, including designs for bags and pockets
• A gusset creation tool that simplifies definition of complex gusset shapes for bags, jackets, coats, pants and more
• A rich library of more than 150 commonly-used fabrics and support for a new licensing mechanism for the Alvanon all-in-one avatar editor
• Automation of routine tasks such as rendered image creation, and simulation of sized garments, avatars and poses.




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