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Securing Collaboration at BNL BNP Paribas

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BNP Paribas subsidiary, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL BNP Paribas), has deployed 100 wireless Mersive Solstice pods at its 75,000 sq. ft., multi-award winning HQ building in Rome, 20 pods at a second site in the city, and 15 in Milan.


Italy's sixth largest bank commissioned IT system integrator, Reply Spa, to identify a solution that would facilitate sharing of information using secure wireless connections interfaced to its video conferencing facilities. 


Mersive Solstice pods were identified as delivering the required capabilities, and the Reply Spa team were subsequently impressed by their ease of installation. 


Alessio Taverni, Reply Spa's project manager, says:

"Mersive stood out at every level. From the perspective of the meeting user, their technology is exceptionally easy to use, with units providing real [lug and play functionality. Connecting them to the corporate network brings up a message in a central management interface that shows they are ready for use.


"This was our first experience with Mersive pods, and we encountered no issues or difficulties as the process was intuitive and simply required installation of a Windows, Android or iOS app to allow access to any screen on entering a secure pin code".


Antonio Amoroso, Technical Architect for BNL BNP Paribas, adds:

"In our new headquarters, we wanted to offer our co-workers access to the very latest technology to maximize collaboration and to make information sharing fast and simple.


"As a financial services company, data security and centralised management are paramount for us, and we sought the right wireless solution to create a clean, easy and inclusive working environment.


"Our vision was that anyone in a meeting could securely share content from any device quickly and easily including smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices.  Mersive Solstice Pods were the perfect solution as they allow for a number of devices to be connected to one screen without any risk of data breach or viruses.  It enables a truly interactive meeting whereby all participants can contribute content to the display as part of the discussion.


"We were impressed by the central management facilities offered by Mersive as we are allowing a massive number of devices, including employees’ own phones, to access screens on our corporate network across over 100 rooms.


"In evaluating the solution, we were very impressed with the consideration given to the security implications by Mersive. Mersive Solstice Pods are an enterprise grade solution that is designed to support central management by an IT team. For example, we are able to use the Solstice management interface.


"Solstice has exceeded our original expectations. Furthermore, as it is essentially an in-room software platform, we can continue to develop new use cases. For example, we are now able to display corporate messages of our choice in meeting rooms and public areas, and remind staff of promotions or events."




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