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08.08.2019, 05:47

Real-time ID Verification Secures Corporate Buildings

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Proxyclick has launched ID Match, a cloud solution which uses facial recognition technology to verify a visitor's true identity.


ID Match captures and compares images of visitors' faces for comparison with photographs on government-issued identity documents (typically, passports and driving licenses), before discretely reporting the accuracy of any match as a percentage probability to front desk and security personnel. This discretion allows for a seamless and secure visitor experience whilst ensuring additional security checks can be taken if required.


Geoffroy De Cooman, Proxyclick co-founder and managing director, describes the solution as a "best-of-breed visitor management system for enterprise companies needing more rigorous security processes" and says it is designed to complement existing security measures including external Watch Lists, before adding:


"Digitising the process of ID verification speeds up the check-in process and alleviates overloaded reception staff whilst removing potential for human error.


"Automating the process also frees up security personnel to focus solely on the 'bad guys', and ensures a hassle-free check in experience for the majority of welcome visitors."





ID Match is compatible with a large number of Access Control integrations - visit for additional information.





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