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What to Expect from Customer Support Software?

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The right software can transform customer support and retention for many businesses but often depends on their specific requirements, as well as a willingness to train support personnel.


A proper evaluation of CS software is essential if transformation initiatives are to succeed and should focus on identifying the specific needs of SMEs and enterprises, instead of on the feature-sets of popular software applications such as Zendesk.


Matching Software to Your Organisation's Scale

The needs of a small business and a large enterprise will be vastly different in terms of scale, so it's extremely important that the customer service solution you use is appropriate for the scale of your company’s operations. You can follow this useful guide from PieSync to find out more regarding how two popular customer service software solutions like Zendesk and Freshdesk differ in their ability to scale, although they do offer a number of similar features. PieSync supports CRM integration for customer service software apps, as well as multiple other similar solutions, so they have used their inside knowledge to prepare a comparative guide and help businesses make a better choice.


CDM: Customer Distress Measurement

Consider customer distress measurement to be similar to lead scoring. Just like a lead is scored on the basis of the potential customer’s eagerness, a CDM system measures a customer's level of distress to create a priority list of customers who need the most assistance. The effects of a successful implementation of the CDM system can prevent customer loss and bad press.

Customer distress is measured by taking into account factors such as the following, but there could be various other aspects taken into account by the onboard AI as well:

  • The magnitude of the problem, how it's affecting the customer's experience, and how the customer is reacting
  • The pricier a product is, the more unhappy a customer is likely going to be when something goes wrong
  • The longer it takes to cater to the customer or solve their problems, the higher their distress will be


Automation in Ticketing

Automation is so intricately connected with customer service today, that without it, you just cannot expect your customer service team to be as productive as they could be. In terms of ticketing, though, the following are the main automation features to expect from a CS system.

  • Automatic ticket issuing, routing, tagging, queueing and timely reminders
  • Automatic ticket assignment: The right people with the right expertise get to handle the appropriate problems
  • Automatic ticket deflecting: Low priority problems are deflected to the blog/self-help/articles section

Do keep in mind that software solutions were never meant to replace customer support professionals, but they were introduced to help them handle the pressure of continuous customer support more efficiently. The customer service software features just discussed will turn out to be more and more crucial in time, but they will always need to be backed up by well-trained human CS representatives.




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