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23.10.2020, 17:24

Maintaining Your Social Life During COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following an easing of lockdown restrictions in many countries, visiting family and friends during the COVID-19 pandemic has become even more essential for physical and mental wellbeing.


Despite the removal of many lockdown restrictions, 'track and trace' and social distancing requirements mean caution should still be exercised when meeting family and friends, and a few simple measures can ensure you stay on top of these whist still keeping relationships strong.


Keeping Yourself Protected with PPE

First and foremost, you must make sure that you are following government guidelines when socialising, to help protect both yourself and the people you are socialising with. Sites like Viractiv have masks for sale which are effective at stopping you from picking up the virus as well as reducing the risk of you spreading it. The Virustatic Shield with the redshield logo from Viractiv is the best kind of shield for guaranteed protection, as it uses a unique antiviral coating proven to block and disable 99% of viruses. The snood shape means they are less likely to fall off like regular masks and are fully fitted around your face, meaning the virus cannot escape in or out from anywhere.

Do More Outdoor Activities

If you still feel a bit anxious about the virus being spread, you should try and do more outdoors based activities instead, since this makes the spread of the virus far less likely compared to when you are indoors. Outdoor activities you could do with friends include going on walks or cycles, which combines exercise with a chance to catch up, or going for a coffee but sitting in a garden area. A lot of cafés and restaurants have accommodated for those who would prefer to sit outdoors by providing shelters, so that the weather doesn’t have to stop you.

Meet in Smaller Groups

The limits on how many people you can meet at a given time mean that rather than going to larger gatherings, you will have to do smaller meet-ups with fewer people. Arguably, this may be nicer for individual friendships since you will have more chance to properly catch up and bond, compared to the chaos of a large meetup.


Making plans with people is really important, particularly in this time when they may be feeling alone. Having a short catch up can have amazing impacts on mental health, so never feel afraid to reach out to someone and ask if they want to do something sociable.


Whilst some of us may be enjoying life at a slower pace, not everyone is in a privileged position or is surrounded by friends and family. It is also good to take into consideration that not everybody will want to go too much outside of their comfort zone and may prefer to keep their social events one on one.




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