(photo: Julia Cameron)
Klaus Allion  - 28.05.2020, 12:46

Life After Lockdown

Klaus Allion, ANT Telecom managing director, considers the millions of workers who will continue working remotely even as governments ease Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

 (photo: Sika Europe)
Jamie Squires  - 26.05.2020, 15:24

The Future of Concrete Repairs

With concrete repair accounting for more than 3 per cent of the concrete market, Jamie Squires, product manager at Sika, considers the technical innovation that supports it.

 (photo: Pixabay)
Steve Teesdale  - 21.05.2020, 13:37

Keeping the Air we Breathe Safer

Steve Teasdale, InnuScience co-Founder and Vice-President of Scientific Affairs, explains the link between cleaning products and indoor air quality (IAQ).

 (photo: Crown Workplace)
Caroline Zampier  - 04.05.2020, 18:37

Why Moss is Trending in Office Design

Caroline Zampier, Interior Designer at Crown Workspace, explains why Uber and other leading brands are adopting moss as their plant material of choice for living walls and interior office features.

 (photo: Tedward Quinn)
Steve Teesdale  - 04.05.2020, 10:34

More than Merely Words

Steve Teasdale, co-Founder and Vice-President of Scientific Affairs at InnuScience, explains why the distinction between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting is central to controlling COVID-19.

 (photo: Artem Beliaikin)
Cathy Spears  - 30.04.2020, 20:37

Manufacturing: Bouncing Back from COVID-19

Despite gloomy predictions for the manufacturing sector, the hiatus in production ushered in by COVID-19 lockdowns and falling demand presents a breathing space for reviewing and streamlining...

Examples of network topologies - A: star, B: mesh, C: hybrid star-mesh. (photo:
Bryan Christiansen  - 22.04.2020, 14:07

The Magic Behind Condition Based Maintenance

Bryan Christiansen, CEO of Limble CMMS, explains why Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is becoming the methodology of choice for operators of manufacturing facilities.

 (photo: Brian Katt)
Chris Hurcombe  - 21.04.2020, 10:56

Preparing for New Time of Use Tariffs

Chris Hurcombe, CEO of third-party energy intermediary Catalyst Commercial Services, discusses changes to time of use tariffs for electricity network charges that come into effect in April 2021.

 (photo: Luke Chesser)
Cathy Spears  - 20.04.2020, 20:38

Retaining Staff in 2020

Staff retention is often a big challenges for talent managers but can be overcome by considering and listening to the career needs of employees.

 (photo: picjumbo)
Cathy Spears  - 01.04.2020, 17:54

What to Expect from Customer Support Software?

The right software can transform customer support and retention for many businesses but often depends on their specific requirements, as well as a willingness to train support personnel.

 (photo: Anna Shvets)
Paul Twiss  - 31.03.2020, 12:51

Keeping COVID-19 at Bay

Paul Twiss, InnuScience marketing director, explains why governments are advocating soap and water as a primary defence against COVID-19.

 (photo: Frans Van Heerden)
Cathy Spears  - 11.03.2020, 23:48

A Place for Everything, Everything in its Place

Clutter can be the scourge of many an office environment, with documents competing with stationery and technology for desk space, and disorder impairing productivity.

 (photo: )
Rene Buhay  - 05.03.2020, 12:26

The Fuss Should Fit the Forum

Rene Buhay, VP Sales & Marketing with AVer Europe, looks at the conferencing technology requirements of differentky sized rooms.

 (photo: )
Cathy Spears  - 03.03.2020, 16:18

The Best Channels for Attracting Top Talent

With a large number of recruitment channels now available to HR managers, Cathy Spears explains why it is important to select those that understand an employer's brand, industry and skills...

 (photo: Arun Thomas)
Klaus Allion  - 27.02.2020, 10:41

Keeping Green Construction Safe

Klaus Allion, ANT Telecom managing director, says lone worker devices are assuming critical importance as a greener construction industry transitions to novel but frequently less understood...

 (photo: )
Cathy Spears  - 18.02.2020, 16:18

The Remit of Facilities Management

With facilities management firms across the UK often finding it difficult to define their responsibilities precisely, Cathy Spears considers the services offered within a typical portfolio.

 (photo: )
Cathy Spears  - 13.02.2020, 09:58

Learning with Protolabs’ Insight Video Series

If you are in an industry that uses digital manufacturing, 3D printing or CNC machining, it is always good to know what is at the forefront of technology, as well as the latest techniques that are...