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31.07.2020, 13:43

Inspiring Back-to-Work Confidence

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UK soft services provider Churchill Group has launched workplace hygiene programme PRISM which is targeted at facilities managers and health, safety and environment officers post Covid -19 lockdown.


PRISM enables workplace, property and facilities managers to understand the bacterial and viral content of certain environments in order to implement tailored infection prevention solutions. The ultimate aim of this tech-led approach to workplace hygiene is to instil confidence in employees and visitors by removing the fear factor surrounding the return to work through scientific insight.


The PRISM concept brings the realms of people, science and technology together under a four step programme: 



PRISM starts with a comprehensive hygiene audit. Churchill’s Infection Insight Team (IIT) assesses how buildings are used and performs a full swabbing regime, focusing on high-risk and high-touchpoint areas. Advanced swab tests are analysed to generate a report on the types and level of viruses present (including SARS-Cov-2), microorganisms, bacteria, yeasts and moulds on any tested surface, including door handles and workstations.



Following a laboratory test report, the IIT will provide actionable recommendations and advice on how to adapt cleaning regimes, improve infection control, identify priority areas and deploy the right resource and products.



The data and science-led insight will ensure daily cleaning and hygiene routines are enhanced according to need. Preventative measures could be immediate or part of an ongoing cleaning regime, depending on the prominence of high-risk areas.



High-touchpoint areas will be regularly swabbed and analysed to build a picture of a building’s hygiene health. A PRISM certificate, complete with a unique QR code, will be granted to participating organisations, which can be displayed in a reception or visitor area, giving building occupants peace of mind that hygiene is taken seriously.


Churchill director, Charlotte Parr, comments: "Covid-19 has disrupted every organisation in some way or another. At Churchill, we want to use our flexibility, ingenuity and creativity to help clients create total confidence around the hygiene of the workplace. PRISM is all about transparency; once you know for certain the hygiene status of your working environment, you can build trust in your building users. By combining the expertise of specialist teams, science and technology we remove uncertainty to dispel the fear factor and then take proactive steps to avoid a localised outbreak avoiding further disruption for our clients’ businesses.


"Our ultimate aim is to work with our clients so that they can demonstrate that they are creating a safe and healthy place of work, promoting confidence and trust. PRISM is a step change in the way Churchill will be redefining cleaning in the future."






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