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How to Equip Your Facilities Manager to Protect Your Building

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Almost three-fourths of all burglaries involve residential properties, including apartments, according to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program. Apartments represent different opportunities and risks than single-family homes for burglars. While apartments can be riskier due to the fact that neighbors are more likely to hear noise such as a door being kicked in, apartments often have sliding glass patio doors, which are one of burglars’ favorite means of entry. Furthermore, while landlords are supposed to change locks when residents move out, not all actually do, leaving a potential point of entry open for thieves. Such vulnerabilities make it important to take steps to protect your properties. Here are some ways you can equip your facilities managers to safeguard your buildings against break-ins.




The best security equipment in the world will be of limited value if your facilities management team doesn’t have the training to use it properly. Security consultant Chris McGoey says that a surprising number of property owners and managers go into the apartment business without investing in any crime prevention training. Rather than implementing a proactive security policy, most managers learn by making mistakes on the job and taking occasional measures such as hiring a security patrol service after a spike in crime to calm residents, says McGoey. A more effective approach is to make sure your managers are professionally trained in security procedures. Training should include how to assess security risks, what preventive procedures to follow, how to handle security equipment, what to do in the event of an incident and how to work with law enforcement authorities.



Security Cameras

A good security camera system is essential for effective security. Low-quality security cameras may miss important details needed to identify suspects, such as hair and eye color, especially in the dark when visibility is low. To capture these crucial details, a high-quality color security camera that can capture details in low-light conditions is recommended. The higher the resolution of a camera lens, the more detail it can capture. Today’s cutting-edge security cameras use 2K Extreme HD or 4K Ultra HD technology for optimal picture quality.


Proper camera placement is also important. Cameras should be positioned at a height and angle where they can capture suspect facial details. Many burglars will wear a hat or hood to shield their hair and face from high-angle cameras. This can be countered by placing a hidden camera inside or near a door frame at a height where the burglar’s face must pass the lens in order for them to go through the door.



Motion Detectors and Alarms

To work effectively for crime prevention, cameras should be paired with motion detectors and alarms. A motion detector senses an intruder and sends a signal to your security system’s control panel. You can program some motion detectors to trigger an alarm or to activate your security camera system to start recording. Common drawbacks of some motion detectors are a tendency to register false positives and poor functioning in bad weather. Today’s best motion detectors incorporate technology to get around these problems.



Communications Devices

Communication is another important facet of security. There are times when your property manager may need to contact you or the police about suspicious activity or an intruder spotted on the premises. In these situations, a reliable communications system can make the difference between preventing a burglary and letting the thief get away. Equipping your managers with quality cell phones from T-Mobile can help ensure that you have reliable service available when you need it.


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