Photograph: Griszka Niewiadomski. (photo: Griszka Niewiadomski)
Photograph: Griszka Niewiadomski.
21.01.2016, 17:58

GTL Showcases Correctional Technology

Company News, Critical Infrastructure

Global Tel*Link (GTL), the leading provider of integrated correctional technology solutions, today announced the latest release of its highly secured integrated technology platform. This new correctional technology solution enables the comprehensive GTL suite of leading-edge corrections technologies to connect to each other through a centralized platform. GTL will be demonstrating this integrated, broad portfolio of solutions, including facilities management, inmate communications, investigative solutions and monitoring capabilities, at the American Corrections Association's 2016 Winter Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, January 24-26. Attendees of the ACA conference will witness how GTL's ultra-secure Inspire™ wireless tablets and groundbreaking multi-service Flex™ units deliver services to inmates through the company's secure software portal.

In addition, GTL will showcase tested and proven communications solutions for corrections including inmate calling and video visitation services. Other inmate services, such as electronic messaging, commissary order processing, and staff request handling, will be shown on the Inspire wireless tablet and the multi-service Flex device from the view of both an inmate and the corrections facility staff. Entertainment options such as streaming music, games, and books – which can have a comforting effect on inmates and reduce aggression among the population – will also be on display. Providing such services to inmates also reduces the likelihood of recidivism after their release.

With over 25 years of developing innovative technologies that enable corrections facilities to run more efficiently and with a greater degree of security, GTL is the leading provider of inmate technology. All of GTL's patented and proprietary technology solutions are seamlessly integrated on the backend, and all data is merged to create a powerful, singular solution. Such an approach helps to minimize technical issues or gaps in technology, giving customers smooth, seamless control to more effectively manage and maintain their entire facility operations through one, centralized system.

Set apart in the corrections technology market by its in-house innovation department and team of engineers who work to develop custom solutions that meet the needs of today's correctional facilities, GTL designs solutions intelligently and builds them flawlessly from the ground up, making sure the highest levels of security and control are in place.

"GTL is committed to continuously improving our techniques and technologies, setting the industry standard, protecting innovations with patents and developing innovative, fully integrated technology solutions to improve every aspect of corrections facility operations," said Brian Oliver, CEO of GTL. "Our job is to make the job of corrections professionals easier and make facilities ever more secure and efficient, helping deliver powerful metrics against the tough requirements faced by today's corrections facilities management teams."

ACA 2016 Winter Conference attendees can experience the demos and meet with GTL staff in booth #411 of the main exhibit hall. For more information about GTL, please visit


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