DTA4 four-way toilet alarm control panel. (photo: Baldwin Boxall)
DTA4 four-way toilet alarm control panel.
19.07.2016, 16:51

Toilet Alarm Control Panel

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Baldwin Boxall is pleased to announce the introduction of a new toilet alarm system which will be available in October this year. The control panel certainly looks stylish and is packed with some great features. Baldwin Boxall staff at Firex reported that this system received a lot of interest from visitors to their stand at this year’s International Firex.

Users of the system will like the fact that a quick glance will show the location of an incoming call. It is then a simple matter of pressing the relevant ‘call accept’ button (there is one for each toilet alarm connected) and then providing the assistance required. The person waiting for help will immediately know that someone is on the way, due to a change in both the visible and audible alarms – a true method of reassurance (and therefore fully BS8300 compliant).

Electricians and engineers will like the simplicity of installation as only one mains connection is required - there is no need of additional power supply boxes or inputs. Furthermore, a single power connection to one panel will feed up to nine other control panels and all corresponding toilet alarms (additional panels are simply ‘daisy-chained’ from the first one).

Each control panel has the ability to control to up to four toilet alarms, represented at the panel independently with space for zone labelling. There are four ‘call accept’ buttons and ‘call incoming’ LEDs, making the location of any incoming call immediately obvious. If more than one call for help is received at the same time these will also show on the panel; responder(s) are able to independently accept the call they are answering. The programmable alarm ‘re-sound’ feature will operate if a call, which has been acknowledged, is not reset at the point of call within the specified period of time.

The design team at Baldwin Boxall has also considered the possibility that the panel may be installed in an area which is not constantly manned. This is resolved by connection of a separate indicator/sounder to the output provided on the panel. The remote indicator/sounder can be installed in an area such as a reception and will alert staff to an unanswered call.

Another benefit of the system is that it is self-monitoring and will alert staff to a problem (‘short’ or ‘open’ circuit). It does this by the illumination of two LEDs on the panel (‘Fault’ and the ‘Call Indicator’ for the affected toilet alarm).

Available in a choice of finishes – white or brushed stainless steel – the toilet alarm panel is certainly a great solution for many projects.

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