Staff can participate in surveys as they clock in or out using the company's Kelio Visio X7 time and attendance terminals. (photo: Bodet Ltd.)
Staff can participate in surveys as they clock in or out using the company's Kelio Visio X7 time and attendance terminals.
05.12.2016, 18:28

Bringing Employee Feedback into the 21st Century

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To improve communication and employee engagement within organisations, International workforce management specialists, Bodet Ltd, have introduced new easy to use software apps for businesses to carry out automated employee surveys and receive staff suggestions.


Staff surveys are very time consuming to carry out and analyse, and can be quite intimidating for employees. To overcome both of these issues and streamline the process, Bodet have developed an intuitive software app to conduct internal surveys. Instead of being carried out via face-to-face interviews or paper-based questionnaires, staff can take part as they clock in or out using award-winning Kelio Visio X7 interactive time and attendance terminals.


Surveys can be for a whole range of subjects from internal management procedures or staff facilities to appraisal of products or marketing campaigns. Data is recorded digitally, which saves time by eliminating the need for duplicate entry by administrative staff. It also allows reports to be generated automatically, so that managers can access the results in real time.


Staff suggestion boxes rarely worked well.  Usually a forgotten wooden box in the rest area, traditionally they’ve been a mere token to assist with staff engagement. Few staff bothered to participate, feedback was poor, and ideas rarely saw the light of day. Quite often if any suggestions were actioned, there was rarely any recognition of the originator.


With Bodet’s new app, employees can be prompted to make suggestions as they clock in or out, without having to fill in forms. These are then communicated directly to management, resulting in greater engagement of employees, the generation of more ideas which could lead to the implementation of improvements in the organisation. The engagement is ongoing as it also provides a communication trail so staff can follow up to see the outcome of their suggestion.


Both apps are available to use in conjunction with Bodet’s Kelio Visio X7 time and attendance  terminals. These are available either with a card reader or a biometric sensor to identify employees when they clock in or out. As staff members clock in, the touch screen displays a menu of staff engagement options which they can action then, or return to at a convenient time during the working day. If employees do not wish to be identified, both apps have an anonymity option.


Staff who are distributed around the business and interacting directly with customers or active on the production line can often see things that managers can’t. Using these apps to gain constructive feedback is a very effective way of unlocking the invaluable information frontline and production staff hold, which will not only improve employee engagement, but lead to positive commercial results.

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