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16.02.2017, 14:15

New Digital Investments

Company News

Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Life services, announces that its strategic venture capital vehicle, Sodexo Ventures, has invested in two innovative, digital companies in the United States and France. Following its launch in November 2016, Sodexo Ventures continues to invest in companies with high growth potential which add value to Sodexo’s activities, as well as its mission of improving the quality of life of the millions of people it serves worldwide. These investments are combined with commercial agreements between Sodexo and each company to develop and commercialize innovative offers.


Sodexo Ventures has taken a minority stake in LifeDojo, a startup based in San Francisco, California, which has developed a coaching platform delivering technology-driven employee health and engagement programs. This investment has led to a strategic partnership with Sodexo’s Benefits and Rewards Services activity, through its US subsidiary, Inspirus, and will allow Sodexo to enrich its offering of employee engagement solutions.


Sodexo Ventures has also invested in Neo-Nomade, a platform developed by a Paris-based start-up enabling professionals to find workplaces according to their needs and location, giving them the possibility to “work out of the box”— wherever they want, whenever they want and with whomever they want. With this investment, Sodexo will also have the opportunity to offer a range of services to office spaces covered by the Neo-Nomade platform.


As a result of its global footprint, Sodexo will be able to accompany the startups as they develop and scale their business. And Sodexo will in turn benefit from these investments as the Group continuously innovates to better meet the ever-evolving needs of its consumers.



More about LifeDojo Inc.

Founded in 2013, LifeDojo is a human-centered platform that makes transformative life changes possible for employees everywhere. Supported by decades of public health research, the LifeDojo approach to employee-driven behavior change delivers lasting health improvement outcomes, high enrollment, and better engagement than traditional top-down wellness
programs. Empowering employees leads to success: 45% of employees create new health habits that stick for 6+ months.

LifeDojo is trusted by the world’s most successful companies in over 16 countries to inspire a genuine culture of wellbeing. Clients include Fortune 500 companies and high-tech high-growth companies around the world. To learn more, visit


More about Neo-nomade

Founded in 2010, Neo-nomade is the leading platform for booking coworking spaces in France. With over 1200 locations, the service allows freelancers, start-ups and employees to access flexible workspaces on the go, promoting new ways of working via remote work and coworking. With its BtoB service tailored for large organisations, Neo-nomade is already partnering with big companies such as EDF, Crédit Agricole or Generali to enable remote working and flexible workspace / real estate management. Neo-nomade was founded by LBMG Worklabs, specialising in implementing flexible work organisations and innovative work environment. Visit for further information.




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