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05.07.2017, 12:09

Now We Are Ten

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The Management Recruitment Group started trading in July 10 years ago. Since our first day of trading 10 years ago, we have seen some huge milestones.


We set out to build something a bit different.  A hybrid between an Executive Search business and a recruitment agency.


In 2007 we had six Consultants based in Twickenham. We now have a 40 strong team based over three locations (Twickenham, Monument and Manchester). We have invested a huge amount of time and money on core skills training, our social media networks and digital marketing campaigns and we have made huge improvements to our selection processes and systems.


We are making more strategic level placements than ever. In the first half of 2017 we completed a record number of Director level appointments. These contacts are hiring managers, and become our key clients.


We have grown year on tear consistently, have broken records and have some of the best performers in the market. Not bad considering we launched the business the year before the worst financial crisis in history, (we are nothing if not resilient!). We have traded through a recession, a comprehensive spending review, three general elections and a Brexit. 


We are in good shape for 10 years young and looking forward to the next 10.


The future for us is about doing the same again. It’s about continuing to recruit the best people, being kingmakers, following rigorous processes, using sophisticated selection systems and blending well established recruitment techniques with leading edge social and digital strategies that are right for 2017.


Many thanks to all of our contacts and everyone who has supported us during the first 10 years.


Here’s to the next 10!





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