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05.07.2017, 12:40

Guenther Bakeries Contract Extension

Contract Awards

Axis Cleaning and Support Services, the nationwide supplier of commercial cleaning services, has been awarded a new, five-year cleaning and hygiene maintenance contract with Guenther Bakeries at its Banbury site.

It has also been re-awarded a contract to deploy the same services at the client’s Heywood site for a similar five-year term.

Permanent employees from the Banbury site have been transferred to Axis under TUPE, where a total of 19 full- and part-time employees deliver 385 hours of cleaning per week. The Heywood site includes 26 full- and part-time employees, delivering approximately 730 hours per week.

Chris Kendall, Purchasing Manager at Guenther Bakeries, says the overall objectives of the new longer-term contract were to add value, improve standards and rationalise costs and service delivery across the two sites:

“Axis demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our sites, as well as the stringent cleaning and hygiene requirements for food manufacture,” he says.

As part of its commitment to best practice, Axis introduced a Master Sanitisation Plan at the Heywood site that informs and controls staff movements and daily working patterns. This will now be rolled out at Banbury. A detailed training plan has also been put in place, including quarterly review meetings where Axis will demonstrate the value that training has brought to the business.

“Employee progression, empowerment, and morale were other key drivers in our tender process,” explains Chris. “Axis has helped us to provide a further enhanced employee training and benefits package that will support these goals. It is also very beneficial to have Axis manage all recruitment, payroll, and remuneration reviews.”

Since working with Guenther Bakeries at the Heywood site, Axis has helped its client achieve its highest-ever audit ratings. 

“We are extremely proud to be extending the relationship,” says Simon Giles, Axis Cleaning and Support Services Chief Operating Officer. “It is a testament to the hard work of all those involved, and the trust that our clients have in the support we give our employees and our expertise in what is a difficult and demanding sector.

“The tender process and culture at Guenther has allowed us to be completely transparent and ensure that every efficiency and added-value proposition will be delivered. There is a genuine partnership approach, where all aspects of the contract are openly analysed against set KPIs in order to achieve the very best outcome for employees, management and customers.”

Guenther Bakeries UK

Guenther Bakeries UK is a company of C. H. Guenther and Son, the American-based and Texas-controlled manufacturer and supplier of food products for retail and foodservice applications. Gunther Bakeries UK has two manufacturing facilities: Banbury in Oxfordshire; and Heywood in Lancashire.

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