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09.08.2017, 17:47

Cloud-Based Property Maintenance Management

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Common Areas today announces the launch of its new Company edition—an affordable cloud-based software for businesses to organize, schedule and track maintenance and repair teams and tasks online.

On top of the clouds: Common Areas founder and CEO, Casey Rue.
On top of the clouds: Common Areas founder and CEO, Casey Rue. © Common Areas

The SoCal-based software company uniquely combines maintenance management and field service management software to create a faster, more affordable way to increase operational efficiency between managers of properties and facilities and the service businesses that maintain them.


“Maintaining properties and facilities can be chaotic. The flood of disorganized communication between tenants, managers, vendors, employees and owners causes confusion, mistakes and rework,” explains Casey Rue, founder and CEO of Common Areas. “Common Areas’ Company edition helps bring clarity to the chaos by connecting everyone in real-time so they can work better, faster, smarter—together.”


At only $25 per user/month, Company edition is designed to be an affordable option for large and small businesses that manage maintenance and repair across one or more locations. Users can manage their office staff and field employees, automate service requests, cut site inspection times, document and assign online work orders, and schedule jobs with anyone from anywhere on any device.


Common Areas also offers a free “Base” edition of its software. Rue continues, “While property and facility management companies can typically afford operations software, the local plumbing company down the street, for example, might not be able to. Base edition ensures that everyone can work together.”


What makes Common Areas so unique is that everyone can work with anyone, adds Ryan Rauch, CMO of Common Areas. “For example, a local property manager can be working with a landscape company, who simultaneously is working with a handful of homeowner associations, that contract with dozens of other third-party companies—some of which are also working with local municipalities, and so on.

“Our software promotes a scalable workforce that is unbound by software silos, resulting in unequaled operational efficiency, cost-reduction, transparency and accountability.”


Company edition not only helps property managers manage their vendors, but also helps vendors manage their own field teams. Rauch describes it as a "single solution that is powerful yet flexible—powerful enough for companies to manage their staff and get the job done right the first time, yet flexible enough for them to work with any number of outside companies.”


Company edition administrators assign access rights of staff and third-party vendors by location, exposing to them only to projects and features that apply. This means that each company can build and manage high performance teams capable of collaborating across multiple locations throughout the world, ensuring that everyone involved knows exactly what needs to be done at each location in real-time.


Company edition can connect the maintenance operations of many company types across hundreds of industries, including:



Property management, facility management, general contracting, landscaping, security, janitorial, painting, HVAC, plumbing, electrical contracting, mechanical services, pest control, window washing, and many more.



Office, industrial, retail, multifamily, hospitality, healthcare, community associations, student housing, affordable housing, residential, education, municipality, non-profit, transportation, and many more.



Sign up to for free to experience the next level of productivity, efficiency and accountability.

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