The Jet Towel Smart is available in a number of colour and finish options; the Building Centre chose silver to match its décor and create a sleek modern feel. (photo: Mitsubishi Jet Towel)
The Jet Towel Smart is available in a number of colour and finish options; the Building Centre chose silver to match its décor and create a sleek modern feel.
15.06.2017, 15:48

Getting Smart with Hand Drying

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Demonstrating best practise in construction and facilities management, London’s Building Centre is becoming ever more sustainable and energy efficient whilst also improving the experience of its users.


To this end the Centre has installed the new Jet Towel Smart hand dryers in several of its washrooms. These are made by Mitsubishi Electric and combine high-speed drying with low energy use and quiet operation.


John Bonning, Commercial Director of the Building Centre says the decision to install the units was in part an initiative to improve the organisation’s environmental performance. “Previously we used paper towels,” he says. “These are not very green and, in a busy working environment like ours, the costs associated with topping up the dispensers and disposing of the used towels is not insignificant.”


Mitsubishi Electric is well known for its original Jet Towel hand dryer. This was the world’s first hands-in dryer and its many innovations redefined hand drying in terms of speed, energy efficiency and hygiene. The new Smart Jet Towel is a very compact hands-under hand dryer has the high performance, low noise and energy efficiency features associated with the original. Like all Mitsubishi Electric products it also offers high build quality and ergonomic design.


Using a modest 490W to 980W of power, drying times are from only 9 seconds, a fraction of most dryers. This has been achieved partly by optimising the design of the airflow nozzle, making it wide and shaping it so that it generates a strong airflow across both hands at the same time. Significantly, the sensor that activates the dryer is very fast, switching on the airflow in 0.1 seconds so that users do not have that fleeting initial feeling that the unit is not working.


The Jet Towel Smart has been granted an NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Award because the antibacterial resin incorporated into the build materials gives excellent hygienic properties. The intake grill is on the side of the hand dryer, which prevents used air from being sucked back into the dryer and recirculated. A filter is included to separate dust and particles from the incoming air so that only clean air is blown onto the hands.


Rated between 58 and 62dB Jet Towel Smart is one of the quietest hand dryers on the market. It is also available in a number of colour and finish options; the Building Centre chose silver to match its décor and create a sleek modern feel.


Located in Central London, The Building Centre is open to all sectors of the building and construction industry and to the general public and promotes innovation in the built environment. As well as offering advice, it hosts exhibitions, talks and other events, maintains a comprehensive information database and can arrange consultancy on an individual basis. Significantly, several leading companies in the construction arena have offices in the Building Centre.


Bonning sums up: “The Jet Towel Smarts have contributed to our long term aims of becoming more sustainable and reducing running costs. We also appreciate their quietness and speed of operation. We are very happy with our choice of hand dryers and find the Smart to be very fit for purpose.”



About Mitsubishi Jet Towel

Mitsubishi Electric’s first Jet Towel was launched in 1993 and the version now available in Europe is in the eighth generation of its development. It has proved a winner with installers for its high tech elegance, with operators for its low running cost and reliability, and with users for its convenience, speed, hygiene and innovative design. The Jet Towel has high environmental credentials, avoiding the use of paper towels or rolled cloth and lowering power consumption and noise levels to a fraction of alternative hot air dryers. Visit for further information.

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