Operation & Maintenance

  • Members of WeMaintain's global executive team in Paris (Jade Francine, Benoit Dupon and Tristan Foureur). (photo: Iannis G./REA)
    News Editor  - 17.09.2020, 15:59

    Innovative Lift Maintenance Solution Expands to UK

    French PropTech company WeMaintain has launched its proprietary lift maintenance platform and service in London.

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    News Editor  - 15.09.2020, 19:25

    The True Cost of Covid Security

    Over three-quarters of UK businesses are reporting increases in operating costs following the introduction of safety measures to curtail the spread of Covid-19.

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    News Editor  - 21.07.2020, 18:52

    £20 Million Maintenance Contract Award

    Hammersmith and Fulham Council has awarded United Living Property Services (ULPS) part of its repairs and maintenance contract, with a 5-year deal worth in excess of £20million.

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    News Editor  - 15.06.2020, 15:11

    Saving Housing Groups Unnecessary Boiler Callouts

    Vericon Systems has added a new remote access feature to its connected intelligent boiler control system for Housing Associations and Social Housing providers, BCM:Connect.

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    News Editor  - 28.05.2020, 09:43

    90-Day Remote Boiler Monitoring Trial

    Vericon Systems is offering a free trial of its BCM:Connect remote boiler monitoring solution for Housing Associations and Social Housing providers.

  •  (photo: Daria Shevtsova)
    News Editor  - 28.05.2020, 09:00

    Harnessing AI to Reopen Properties in the "New Normal"

    AI property management platform Facilio has launched REbuild, a ready-to-deploy operations toolkit which helps real estate owners respond to operational challenges during the recovery from Covid-19.

  •  (photo: Sika Europe)
    Jamie Squires  - 26.05.2020, 15:24

    The Future of Concrete Repairs

    With concrete repair accounting for more than 3 per cent of the concrete market, Jamie Squires, product manager at Sika, considers the technical innovation that supports it.

  • Examples of network topologies - A: star, B: mesh, C: hybrid star-mesh. (photo:
    Bryan Christiansen  - 22.04.2020, 14:07

    The Magic Behind Condition Based Maintenance

    Bryan Christiansen, CEO of Limble CMMS, explains why Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is becoming the methodology of choice for operators of manufacturing facilities.

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    News Editor  - 20.04.2020, 17:37

    Essential Roofing Knowledge for Facility Managers

    A new book by Paul Farrier from Concord Consulting and Dr Ken Brzozowski, Chief Technical Officer at American Roofing Systems (ARS), provides advice on roof maintenance and replacement.

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    FM Editor  - 17.03.2020, 14:56

    Targeting Operating Efficiencies

    Consortio Security has adopted employee scheduling and workforce management software SmartTask to streamline internal processes.