Operations & Maintenance

  • (Photography: H. Assaf). (photo: H. Assaf)
    BIFM - British Institute of Facilities Management  - 07.12.2016, 23:55

    New Guidance on Operational Cost Benchmarking

    Helping facilities management professionals to highlight best practice and identify gaps in performance through operational cost benchmarking is the subject of the latest Guidance Note from BIFM.

  •  (photo: Belzona International)
    Belzona International  - 19.10.2016, 23:58

    The Evolution of Roofing Maintenance

    With up to 90 per cent of roofing problems typically associated with 10 per cent of a roof's surface area, Belzona argue traditional maintenance techniques and materials have definitely had their day.

  •  (photo: Jaguar Building Services Ltd)
    Jaguar Building Services  - 12.04.2016, 13:05

    Jaguar Secure Nova, Victoria

    Jaguar Building Services have been appointed by Land Securities as MEBF provider for the prestigious Nova, Victoria development.

  • (Photograph: FCL) (photo: FCL)
    BIFM - British Institute of Facilities Management  - 15.12.2015, 12:29

    BIFM Risk Management Guide

    BIFM has revised its Risk Management Good Practice Guide for the facilities management profession.

  • (Photograph: Guillaume Riesen). (photo: Guillaume Riesen)
    BIFM - British Institute of Facilities Management  - 23.11.2015, 12:16

    BIFM Publishes Severe Winter Weather Guidance for FM Professionals

    BIFM has launched a Good Practice Guide to Winter Maintenance in partnership with RITIT which aims to provide facilities management (FM) professionals with practical advice and guidance to support them in developing better working practices around Winter maintenance.

  •  (photo: Emerson)
    Ridge Tool N.V. ,  Emerson Inc.  - 20.07.2015, 11:33

    RIDGID “Innovation Roadshow”

    This September, Ridge Tool Europe launches under the slogan “Driving Innovation since 1923” a highly expected event, the RIDGID Roadshow.

  • RE 60 crimp action (photo: Bas Brodie)
    Ridge Tool N.V. ,  Emerson Inc.  - 06.02.2015, 21:09


    New electrical tool designed to reduce the number of tools electrical contractors have to carry around.

  • QBlade (photo: FridgeWize)
    FridgeWize Inc  - 22.05.2014, 17:45

    FridgeWize Launches World's Most Energy-Efficient Commercial Refrigeration Fan Blades

    New FridgeWize energy-efficient commercial refrigeration solutions enable enterprise clients to save money on utility bills.

  • (Image courtesy of Peter Kamminga & Rebecca Schofield) (photo: Peter Kamminga & Rebecca Schofield)
    Dr. Kerry Mashford ,  National Energy Foundation  - 07.04.2014, 08:31

    ECO reform - its impact on improving the use of energy in buildings and tackling fuel poverty

    Dr. Kerry Mashford, Chief Executive of the National Energy Foundation (NEF), discusses the impact of recent UK government ECO reforms on building energy use, the environment, the retrofit industry, winter deaths and fuel poverty.

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    ENVIROINTEL Ltd.  - 07.04.2014, 08:31

    Environmental management outsourcing for small companies

    An attractive alternative at a time of increasing environmental regulation.