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    News Editor  - 12.01.2021, 11:53

    BSI Approved for UKCA

    BSI has been confirmed as an Approved Body for UKCA (UK Conformity Assessment) marking which is replacing CE marking in England, Wales and Scotland following Brexit.

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    News Editor  - 12.11.2020, 13:48

    Collaborative Procurement in FM

    Simon Titchener, ISS UK's Chief Commercial Officer, Sean Gibbons, Head of Global Facility Management at Roche, and David Hawkins from the Institute of Collaborative Working were recent contributors to a panel discussion on the value of collaborative procurement in FM which took place under the auspices of the IWFM.

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    Steve Marsden  - 27.11.2019, 10:42

    The Impact of Brexit on Future Workspaces

    Steve Marsden, Co-founder of flexible workspace search agency Domain Office Search considers the impact of the continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit on the UK's workspace market and economy.

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    Engage Technology Partners  - 22.11.2018, 11:28

    FM Firms Use Incentives to Compensate for Brexit Brain Drain

    Facilities management providers are turning to financial incentives to attract top contract talent as citizens of EU countries leave the UK in advance of Brexit, according to data from Engage Technology Partners.

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    Martin Reed  - 21.11.2018, 11:36

    Brexit's Hidden Costs

    Martin Reed, CEO of Incentive FM, says the impact of Brexit on the UK's facilities management will extend well beyond the job market.