Fire Safety

  • Kentec Intelligent Networking Solutions (iNS). (photo: )
    News Editor  - 15.09.2020, 19:36

    Guaranteeing Network Integrity for Safety

    Life-critical control systems manufacturer Kentec has launched Intelligent Networking Solutions (iNS) to interconnect and monitor fire alarm control panel networks across single sites.

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    News Editor  - 30.04.2020, 18:21

    Protecting a COVID-19 Facility in Glasgow

    Gas suppression panels from Kentec Electronics are protecting staff and patients at the Louisa Jordan NHS Facility Glasgow on COVID-19 treatment centre, the Scottish Event Campus (SEC).

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    FM Editor  - 04.03.2020, 22:36

    Protecting the London Underground

    London Underground Limited (LUL) is using fire panels from Kentec to protect its network of Signal Equipment Rooms (SER) from the risk of fire.