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    FM Editor  - 23.05.2019, 17:00

    Essity Investit Dans Une Technologie de Fibre Durable

    Essity, connu notamment pour ses marques Tork, TENA, Libresse, Edet, Demak’UP, Tempo et Plenty, va investir environ 37 millions d'euros dans une fabrique de fibres alternatives durables pour son usine de production de papiers hygiéniques à Mannheim, en Allemagne.

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    Cathy Spears  - 16.05.2019, 15:18

    Keeping Small Business Premises Well Maintained

    Regular preventative maintenance of small business premises is important for the safety of employees and customers, and engenders a positive workplace atmosphere

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    Cathy Spears  - 16.05.2019, 15:01

    Common Workplace Health and Safety Hazards

    Health and safety at work is a hot topic, with employers around the world subject to rules and regulations that protect staff from harm.

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    Cathy Spears  - 15.05.2019, 05:10

    Managing Manufacturing Workflows

    Optimising work order administration and processes can help improve manufacturing throughput and support social and environmental goals.

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    FM Editor  - 14.05.2019, 03:39

    Small Apparel Orders on a Single Roll

    Electronics For Imaging is promoting the newest version of the EFI™ Optitex® 2D/3D CAD platform which adds enhancements to Optitex's capabilities for fashion, apparel and textile manufacturers.

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    FM Editor  - 07.05.2019, 02:18

    SAKOR Upgrades Manufacturing Facility

    High-performance dynamometer system supplier SAKOR Technologies Inc., has increased the electrical capacity of its 20,000 sq ft Owosso, Michigan factory and LED lighting to support the production of larger dynamometers and a new range of testing services.

  • The new agreement will provide Sulzer’s expertise to Kato’s customers. (photo: )
    FM Editor  - 17.04.2019, 15:29

    Sulzer Becomes Kato Maintenance Partner

    Sulzer has signed a partnership deal with Kato Engineering to provide repair and maintenance services for generators in North America and Australia.

  • Rotamec’s field service teams are multi-skilled and equipped with test and diagnostic equipment to help customers carry out fault-finding tasks. (photo: )
    FM Editor  - 03.04.2019, 13:06

    A Complete Engineering and Repair Service

    Turnkey engineered products supplier Rotamec is committed to delivering a comprehensive round-the-clock AC and DC motor and bearing repair service from its locations in Cheddar (South Wales), Exeter and Redditch.

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    FM Editor  - 29.03.2019, 13:36

    The Factory of the Future

    Renishaw will be demonstrating the integration of Industry 4.0 and 3D printing technologies with manufacturing workflows at the China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) from 15th to 20th April in Beijing.

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    FM Editor  - 06.03.2019, 11:25

    Bondalti's Visual Chemical Alarm

    Bondalti, Portugal's largest process manufacturer, has created a custom visual chemical alarm system that utilises Sony TEOS Manage and BRAVIA displays.