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  • (Photography: Juan Bernardo). (photo: Juan Bernardo)
    GRITIT Ltd  - 01.09.2017, 16:03

    Man versus Machine

    Although facilities management has not escaped the wave of digitisation that is transforming every segment of industry, pioneers of the use of technology in outdoor FM, GRITIT, argue skilled people will always be at the heart of service delivery.

  • Vehicle directional signage. (photo: Michael Courtney Design)
    Michael Courtney Design  - 08.08.2017, 00:49

    Case Study: University of Utah Wayfinding and Signage

    Michael Courtney Design has helped transform the University of Utah's wayfinding and signage Master Plan by focusing on user-friendly elements at its Salt Lake City campus. An easy to use orientation strategy, clear vehicular graphics and pedestrian-focused wayfinding and directories forms the foundation of the Master Plan for the sprawling University of Utah campus in Salt Lake City.

  • (Photography by Nik MacMillan). (photo: Nik MacMillan)
    Jackie Edwards  - 31.07.2017, 15:53

    Battles in the Boardroom

    Jackie Edwards provides advice on dealing with difficult personality types in business meetings.

  •  (photo: Siemens Building Technologies)
    Eike-Oliver Steffen  - 27.06.2017, 15:55

    Working Smarter

    With reports associating smarter workplaces with better staff retention and productivity levels, Siemens Building Technologies' Head of Service and Solution Portfolio Eike-Oiver argues 'self-regulating', technology-enabled office spaces are becoming the norm.

  • (Photography by Elliott Brown). (photo: Elliott Brown)
    Tony Wilkes  - 15.06.2017, 16:27

    Creating a Better Environment for Retailers

    Tony Wilkes, Facilities Manager with Lee Baron, tells FM Magazine how partnering with retailers at Nuneaton's Ropewalk Shopping Centre has reduced electricity consumption, water consumption and landfill waste.

  • Panoramic Power sensor installation. (photo: Panoramic Power)
    FM Magazine  - 14.06.2017, 17:03

    Power is Knowledge

    Yaniv Vardi, Managing Director of Centrica’s acclaimed Panoramic Power arm, tells FM Magazine his company is helping businesses harness the IoT by generating actionable energy insights.

  •  (photo: Siemens AG)
    Philippe Heim  - 02.05.2017, 15:26

    Adding Value to Colo Data Centres

    Philippe Heim, Global Portfolio Manager DCIM with Siemens Building Technologies, explains how Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) achieves operating efficiencies in an era when colocation centres are becoming larger through mergers and acquisitions.

  • Peter Scott, CEO of Fern-Howard Lighting and the LIA's new President. (photo: The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA))
    Peter Scott ,  The Lighting Industry Association (The LIA)  - 27.01.2017, 16:29

    Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

    Peter Scott, President of The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA) and Fern-Howard Lighting CEO, discusses the impact of LED technology, BIM, insurance warranties, and more on the development of lighting - and how the industry's largest trade association in Europe is adapting.

  • Understanding the needs of interior designers Mitsubishi Electric produces its Jet Towel hand dryers in white, black and silver. (photo: Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.)
    Garry Lewis  - 20.01.2017, 15:10

    Creating the Right Ambience

    Bathroom décor can make a major contribution to the perceived ambience of a public building and the image of its occupants, writes Garry Lewis, Marketing & Communications Manager for Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.

  • Fondation Louis Vuitton Museum. (Photography: Gilles Paire/ (photo: Gilles Paire/
    Siemens AG ,  Siemens Building Technologies  - 15.12.2016, 01:47

    Case Study: Protecting Valuable Works of Art

    An intelligent Siemens fire system combining the highest safety standards with cutting-edge technology, has been installed and subjected to rigorous testing at The Fondation Louis Vuitton Museum which is home to one of the most valuable art collections in Paris.