• Panoramic Power sensor installation. (photo: Panoramic Power)
    FM Magazine  - 14.06.2017, 17:03

    Power is Knowledge

    Yaniv Vardi, Managing Director of Centrica’s acclaimed Panoramic Power arm, tells FM Magazine his company is helping businesses harness the IoT by generating actionable energy insights.

  • Peter Scott, CEO of Fern-Howard Lighting and the LIA's new President. (photo: The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA))
    Peter Scott ,  The Lighting Industry Association (The LIA)  - 27.01.2017, 16:29

    Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

    Peter Scott, President of The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA) and Fern-Howard Lighting CEO, discusses the impact of LED technology, BIM, insurance warranties, and more on the development of lighting - and how the industry's largest trade association in Europe is adapting.

  •  (photo: ISS Facility Services)
    Peter Ankerstjerne ,  FM Magazine  - 19.10.2015, 20:20

    Demonstrating Better Value

    Peter Ankerstjerne, chief marketing officer (CMO) for ISS World Services — who has recently been named one of Denmark's top communication executives, tells FM Magazine public sector facilities management outsourcers must do better at explaining value to governments and taxpayers.

  • <p>FM facilities engineers logo</p> (photo: Sodexo (UK & Ireland))
    Phil Hooper ,  FM Magazine ,  Sodexo S.A.  - 04.06.2015, 22:37

    The New Social Contract

    FM Magazine quizzed Phil Hooper, corporate affairs director at Sodexo (UK and Ireland), about the company’s recent public service pledge.

  •  (photo: dmg events)
    Jaafar Shubber ,  FM Magazine  - 02.06.2015, 01:23

    Knowledge is Power

    A decade after first partnering with the FM Expo, FM Magazine (GCC Edition) asks dmg events' Senior Project Manager Jaafar Shubber about the impact of the event on facilities management in the Gulf.

  • Photograph: Brett Boardman (photo: Brett Boardman)
    FM Magazine  - 09.06.2014, 19:22

    Back to the Future

    In Macquarie University's Golden Jubilee year, FM Magazine discusses the refurbishment of its five hundred-seat 1970s lecture theatre to support collaborative learning with architects Annabel Lahz and Andrew Nimmo.  

  • City lights of Dubai from the International Space Station. Photograph: NASA. (photo: NASA)
    FM Magazine  - 06.06.2014, 15:21

    It's all in the Energy

    In 2014 the United Arab Emirates has introduced legislation to reduce lighting energy use and improve the safety of lighting products. FM Magazine caught up with Gerald Strickland, Director of the recently established Middle East Lighting Association (MELA) to discuss the potential impact of the legislation on building operators and occupants.

  • Photograph: Jimmy Baikovicius. (photo: Jimmy Baikovicius)
    FM Magazine  - 07.04.2014, 08:31

    Trading Up

    The Facilities Management Association (FMA) describes itself as the United Kingdom’s only trade association representing the facilities management sector on the grounds that its membership is limited to corporates. FM Magazine asked Chief Executive, Chris Hoar, whether his organisation’s membership structure confers any significant benefits.

  • Masdar City (Abu Dhabi, UAE): A good consciousness of tradition and historic forms.  (photo: )
    Professor Christian Baumgart ,  FM Magazine  - 07.04.2014, 08:31

    Dare or Dai

    Professor Christian Baumgart, President of the Federation of German Architectural & Engineering Associations (the DAI), argues for a bolder approach to urban design in the Gulf.

  • Vincent Hickey (photo: Irish Property & Facility Management Association (IPFMA))
    FM Magazine  - 07.04.2014, 08:31

    Feeling Green

    As the Irish Property and Facility Management Association (IPFMA) celebrates its 25th anniversary, FM Magazine discusses the future of the facilities sector in the Republic with recently inaugurated Chairman, Vincent Hickey.