• <p>(Photograph: Carsten Frenzl).</p> (photo: Carsten Frenzl)
    Sarah Bentley ,  The Building Futures Group  - 08.06.2015, 15:32

    Racing Back On Top

    The facilities management sector must be more visible says the CEO of The Building Futures Group Sarah Bentley, as her organisation prepares to launch the first ever "FM Manifesto".

  • <p>FM facilities engineers logo</p> (photo: Sodexo (UK & Ireland))
    Phil Hooper ,  FM Magazine ,  Sodexo S.A.  - 04.06.2015, 22:37

    The New Social Contract

    FM Magazine quizzed Phil Hooper, corporate affairs director at Sodexo (UK and Ireland), about the company’s recent public service pledge.

  • RICS Headquarters (photo: RICS)
    Johnny Dunford  - 07.06.2014, 18:54

    Strategic FM from the RICS Perspective

    There has been a widely acknowledged drive within the facilities management industry to act strategically and professionally. Johnny Dunford, Global Commercial Property Director at RICS explains how the organisation is leveraging its global expertise to develop tools that will enable FMs to support best practice.

  •  (photo: )
    Bernard Pratley  - 06.06.2014, 14:16

    Regaining Control

    Although it has been recognised since the invention of the candle snuffer that lighting systems require control mechanisms to regulate how much lighting is emitted and when, in recent years the installation of lighting controls in building projects has become synonymous with saving energy. Bernard Pratley, Senior Technical Manager with the United Kingdom’s Lighting Industry Association (LIA) believes this focus detracts from their wider benefits.

  • Photograph: Sebastian Danon (photo: Sebastian Danon)
    Dianna Steinbach ,  ISSA  - 06.06.2014, 13:25

    A Clean State of Mind

    Dianna Steinbach, Director of Industry Outreach & Marketing at ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, discusses the link between international cleaning standards and maintaining a facility’s brand equity.

  •  (photo: FIABCI)
    Patricia Delaney & Martin Von Hauff ,  FM Magazine  - 06.06.2014, 13:25

    A Certain Level of Knowledge

    Patricia Delaney, Secretary General of FIABCI – The International Real Estate Federation and Martin Von Hauff, President, FIABCI World Council of Managers, discuss the relationship between property management and facilities management, and the underlying dynamics of international property markets with FM Magazine.

  • Horse Guard Road, London: memorial to victims of the 2002 Bali bombings (photograph courtesy of Eluveitie Photography) (photo: Eluveitie)
    Denis Wright  - 07.04.2014, 08:31

    Strength and Shield

    Denis Wright, Chairman of Wrightstyle, explains how glass is used to provide ballistic and blast protection for buildings, in the aftermath of the Boston and London atrocities.

  • Natural selection: leaf of the Lotus plant with water droplets. (Photography by G J Bulte). (photo: GJ Bulte)
    Sure Step/CSTC Qatar  - 07.04.2014, 08:31

    The Lotus Effect

    The "self-cleansing" mechanism of the Lotus plant leaf has inspired a new generation of Nano cleaning and maintenance coating which binds with substrates at the molecular level. In this sponsored feature the Middle East distributor of the Sure Step brand explains the science behind these new coatings.

  •  (photo: )
    Dr. Kerry Mashford  - 07.04.2014, 08:31

    Why? When? How?

    Dr. Kerry Mashford, Chief Executive of The United Kingdom’s National Energy Foundation (NEF), which has been at the forefront of improving energy use in buildings since 1990, argues evaluating a building’s energy performance is an essential component of smart energy management.

  •  (photo: )
    Bill Kearns  - 07.04.2014, 08:31

    Keeping Cool

    For more than 20 years Aggreko has been a key partner in the impressive infrastructure development that has taken place across the Gulf region. Known primarily for its power rental business, the company is the world leader in the supply of rental temperature control solutions. Bill Kearns, Head of Temperature Control at Aggreko Middle East, explains why.